APN settings screen blank

Hello Fairphone owners!

I was wondering if someone could help me-

I recently factory reset my FP and since then have not been able to connect to mobile data.

I’ve figured that this is because I need to update my APN settings- but when trying to open the Access Point Names menu all I am faced with is a blank screen!

I am on FP OS 1.8, with Google apps reinstalled and the phone works fine over WIFI- it is just the APN blank screen I am having issues with

Any help much appreciated- Richard

Normaly you see your existing APN. So, if your APN screen is blank, you don’t have any.

You can create an new one by touching the menu button (harbware button left) and select “new APN”

You need infos from your carrier to create it properly.

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Awesome- that was it! A quick search online to find my carriers APN details and Im back up and running- thanks