APN disappears when changing MNC

Hi everyone.
I brought my Fairphone from Germany (Netzclub) to the US (Mint).
I tried to update my settings as described by Mint here: https://www.mintmobile.com/help/how-to-configure-android-settings/
However, changing the mnc does delete the new APN, similar to this case: [SOLVED] APN disappears when changing MNC
There they found an unrelated solution, but mentioned manual network selection. So far, clicking under “Settings->Network & Internet->Mobile Data-> Advanced->Automatically select network” does not help, since it “Couldn’t find networks. Try again”. What is the right approach to update the settings here? I assume I have some incompatible settings from Germany carried over. I can receive sms (although only blockwise, the first one takes ~5 minutes, then I keep receiving them quickly for a while). I can not call people, however I can send them sms.

Did you save the APN using the three dots?

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I don’t remember seeing Mint mentioned as a successful solution in the US. Have you read the main topic on FP in the US

Edit: bear in mind that an operator’s implementations may vary in such a large country.

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Mint uses the T-Mobile network and T-Mobile is the best option you can choose.

yes. I can save it and it will be saved and shown in the list as long as I don’t change MNC. Once I change MNC and klick save it disapears, even if it was shown in the list of APN before changing the MNC.

I saw the FP thread and I saw that mint also doesn’t officially support FP4, but I didn’t got a FP4 to just trow it away after half a year. Mobile data works “good enough” where live (cambridge area).

Does someone know how I can get sms and calls working by updating the APN?

No one says throw it away? So any reason why the MNC need to changed and cant be entered correctly directly?

Overall maybe you want to ask in the US topic as those using it in the US might be able to help bettee

I didn’t meant that in a rude way, just wanted to clarify that I’d prefer to get this SIM card working, rather than start trying multiple other ones, just due to the lack of positive stories from other users.
Thanks for directing me to the US topic, I thought this might more be a general FP4 issue due to this explanation: [SOLVED] APN disappears when changing MNC - #3 by Johannes
So I probably don’t need a US FP4 user, but just someone who took his phone from one country to another one?

The disappearing APN is because the FP4 only shows MNC’s that it supports. So if you enter an unsupported MNC, it wil “disappear” in the APN list.

Please check out that FP owners in the USA thread. The gist is that you will need to install LOS or any derivative of that to get it to work. If you can’t figure it out or have any specific questions, let me know (i.e. send me a DM or tag me). I have a FP4, live in NC/DC, and use Mint Mobile with success!

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