Anyone love their FP3? (= no issues)

It happened twice during mentioned period

:heartbeat: my new FP3 either. It is a major improvement regarding the FP2 :

  • battery life (It can last 2 days, and the battery indicator is far less “surprising” : if you’re less than around 10% with the FP2 it can shutdown anytime soon). Key point for me as I had taken the habit of always having a power bank with me with the FP2
  • stability : FP2 used to reboot sometimes (at least once a day). I’ve seen the FP3 reboot once in one month and a half
  • fluidity : the processor is not a beast but is good for the everyday use (FP2 was lagging when several apps were used together)
  • GPS sensor is much more accurate
  • USB-C is convenient for me as I have my laptop connector that is the same
  • I prefer the general aspect and in-hand feeling
  • it is solid (I dropped it twice :worried: )
  • and still very easy to dismantle

On the cons, I feel like the wifi is slower (but I did not measure it, feeling when seeing the downloads of my podcasts).

So I replaced the top module of my FP2 (that was broken after 4-5 years), fully reinstalled my FP2 with lineageOS and gave it to my son. He is very happy with it.


I’ve been using mine for more than a month now, no issues. Wifi works fine, sound and headphone jack as well… It’s big (but i think that makes it very convenient for reading articles, holding it in landscape mode)…

I hope an alternative OS like Lineage will be available soon…


Interesting to hear from you about the microphone problem. I have only recently bought the FP3 and already had 3 phone calls, in 2 of them the other side could not understand me properly despite having no connection problems. Do you know more about this particular issue? Many thanks in advance.

Sure, my guess? Problem is in OS. Before FP3, I had UleFone Armour and it comes with completely identical OS and identical issues.
Unfortunately this is something I don’t understand but I’d welcome better working system. eM

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Perhaps this post explains the root cause of the problem.


Hello, I just see the thread.

I learnt to use it without Play store, with open source Apps on F-Droid (except for Firefox where I had to download its apk file to install it).

I have no problem for now.


Because “Firefox” is a trademark by Mozilla foundation, the Firefox on FDroid is instead called “Fennec F-Droid” – F-Droid flagged it as “includes undesirable features” so it might not be displayed by default, depending on your preferences (those apps can be hidden) but it can be installed normally and behaves identical to the Mozilla build from what I could tell.


So, I’m the original poster and I wanted to publicize my own feedback.
I have the FP3 for maybe a month now, and it’s a almost problem free, full featured, grown up smartphone.
I’ve never owned any smartphone other than thw FP1 and FP2, so I went through the full suffering process. The FP1 was unusable. The FP2 was usable only with severe hacks, and still it didn’t deliver (GPS, battery).

The FP3 just works. Everything is fast enough, the GPS is fast and accurate, battery power is ample, and no annoying software bugs so far.
My only issues are the aforementioned minimal screen brightness and the size.
Otherwise it’s a super smooth experience and I love it.


I only received my FP3 a few days ago, almost done transitioning all apps and 2fa from my trusty HTC, all is going well so far,I had one glitch with screen autorotation not working. I toggled the rotate homescreen and it worked again. Others have reported having to reboot.

So far I’m happy with it.

Buying and delivery, smooth. Very happy.

Hardware wise it seems fine, and if it isn’t at least it’s repairable.

OS wise I’m happy with Android but understand others may not be.

Software wise I’m happy I no longer have the HTC layer on top of Android.

Voilà :slight_smile:


So… You’re not able to do calls? Fuck, that’s bad. Coudl they fix it?

As for minimal brightness: did you try Red Moon (available on F-Droid)? I’m pleased with it.

I’m quite happy with the phone. No software issues at all (though a friend reports it doesn’t work with his Ford Sync, I really don’t have any Bluetooth connectivity issues)
I’d appreciate a notification led (since there’s a led anyway, for charging) and I find the size a bit much, but I’m totally behind the idea of one phone built to last/repair and I can live with the extra size.
I’d love a protective case which also covers the back (or a different back which is a bit grippier) because I feel like the phone is quite slippery.

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I have only minor issues, which do not really affect me. (notify led, hidden WLAN connect, some bluetooth issues with car-audio)

I like the phone very much.

I use it till the initial release. (5 month?)


I’ve got mine since octobre and haven’t had a single issue yet. Just nothing. It’s a huge upgrade compared to the FP2 which was good but had several minor issues in my case.


I was owner of a FP1, now having huge trouble (different problems) with my 4 years old FP2. Therefore thinking about buying the FP3.

You mentionend the “new” size of the FP3: 15 mm longer than the FP2.
Culd you get used to it by now? Or in which cases to you have problems with this aspect? Too large for some bags…? I would have problems to get the FP3 into the saddlebag of my bike :wink:

Thanks for your feedback!

I am very happy with the FP3 especially after the battery life of the FP2 and frequent restarts, I’ve had my Fp3 2 months and no restarts and no longer have to carry a power pack everywhere. Yes the size is the one downside, I couldn’t say I’m used to it yet, it feels precarious to use one handed as I can’t firmly hold it, it sticks out of jeans pockets and it is too big for the tube bag on my bike.


I thought the FP3 was much bigger than I expected, but after having used it for 3 months, it doesn’t feel that big to me anymore. I have said this before, but as a woman I am used to not being able to carry things in my pocket, unfortunately. None of my previous phones sat comfortably in my jeans pockets and although I have some jeans in which it does work, it’s probably a bad idea as carrying a phone in your pocket is a sure way of damaging it anyway. I therefore don’t think being able to fit it in your pockets should be a deal breaker, but of course, different strokes for different folks.

Like I said, I have got completely used to the size and it doesn’t bother me. There are so many upsides, like the amazing battery life, how quick it is compared to my Galaxy S5 and no pangs of guilt every time I read an article about the shady electronics business. :wink:


I wouldn’t call FP3 to be big, it is “big-er” and I like its “big-ness”. It deters me from carrying it at around with me when not essential, like going shopping or just going out.
You are definitely more aware and present when limited to your own senses.
I really just keep it for work and sometimes use it as music player.

We actually don’t have to carry around phones with us all the time, we used to live without them for so long, then we had huge bricks sagging in our pockets and we even took pride in it… but now things have changed again, and they will change again tomorrow, but at what cost that is the real question and real factor.

The size is such an insignificant factor.


Yepp, me!
I had lots of trouble with my FP2 (since 2018) but gave it another chance buying the FP3 in 2/2020 and I can cheeringly say that I’m not encountering a single failure! Everything works, solid, robust phone, very elegant in dark grey, looking classier that the FP2 (which looks a bit cheap and plastic) and the user experience is really good. The weight, the dimensions makes it fun to use, also the buttons and plugs and camera.
I connect it to my fritzbox at home and always have a broad connection.
To me, FP3 is worlds apart FP2.