Anyone able to contact Fairphone help?

Hello… does anyone from Fairphone read this forum? I’ve sent numerous messages to support over the last weeks but haven’t heard anything back. Basically I bought a new Fairphone which didn’t work, sent it back for repair and now it’s even worse! Obvs I can’t sell it and am just trying to reach out one more time before I give up and donate it to someone who might want to try and fix it…

Pretty much no. Before you ask, the moderators are community members, not employees.

Based on another report here, I’m starting to suspect support is sorting tickets by last activity. Sending new messages may be putting people back to the end of the queue (which would be strange). Last I heard about time to first response was ~10 days. Previously when support was busy, the best approach for urgent queries was to file a support ticket with all the details, and then call support with the ticket number on hand. Your mileage may vary.


Just to make sure: Did you receive an automatic confirmation of your request by email?


Hi… thanks for the info. I did receive an auto reply (5 days ago). I also tried to contact via an email address from when I was in contact with them before but no reply from that. For now I’ll hang on for the support reply, and then try and call the helpline number when I;m back in the UK. Thanks again!

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I just wanted to contact the Fairphone support via contact form but I can’t submit because I don’t have the “Online Shop Order Number” on me (away on business trip. Sorry, but this is ridiculous!!

Can you find it here?

thank you, there I found it. Before I already sent a regular email to their address - - but was a bit surprised that they need that information, mandatory.

Hi, I wrote on Oct 11 via email from Fairphone support, about the apparently not properly working audio jack from my fairly new FP3. No answer, not even an autoresponse. Wrote again a week ago. Same. no reaction.
The problem’s existed since beginning of September, when I first wrote to support. They told me to reinstall the old FP OS (I use google free lineage now) and to check some apps, all their messages came after a week or two, and I always told them that it’s a hardware issue, because the (FP) earphones work perfectly well on other devices. On the FP3 I have to hold them in place all the time (so basically not working, how can I jog etc.?). After a while I got no reply any more, that’s when I tried to start a new ticket and wrote freshly to support.

So basically I am very unhappy with the (non-)support I have been getting. I know times are tough and they have lots of work to do, but still, nearly 2 months of an unsolved issue seems a bit much.

Does anybody else have similiar - or hopefully better? - experiences with their support? And is it better via telephone?


I totally aree with you!

Have you sent an email or have you used the online form for contacting support?
The online form can be found here:

I guess, using that form should at least result in the automated response, assigning a ticket number to your request.
Even though it says

Please allow for a delayed response, due to the high volume of customer requests following the launch of the Fairphone 3+.

on that page; this can really not account for 2 months.


update: still waiting for a reply (and yes, in the last weeks I wrote more than one email to Fairphone support and allow them time for longer replies. But that long?


I just had to contact Fairphone regarding a defective top module from a FP2 which I’m repairing atm. (since the top module is still under warranty…)
I wrote them yesterday and got a response today, they’ll send me a replacement :smiley:
I don’t know why the experience differ so much, but I just wanted to share my experience since I got the feeling that fairphone support is almost never responding…


And it might not just be possible, that the mails from Fairphone are ending up to be declared spam? This filtering might even be done by the provider, before you get a chance to notice it.

Not, that I really consider this a likely possibility by any chance.
I am just lost for an explanation.
Maybe @rae can help establishing contact to the support team in your case too.

She will need the support-ticket number, and the necessary conversation could be done by PM.
I feel so sorry for you.


one problem seems to have been that I wrote more than once, because as I was just told (yes! I got a first reply) they answer the requests in the order in which they come in, and because I sent a second and third mail / reminder, I lost the good position of the first mail.

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That’s sad!
And should be worked on in my opinion!

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Just to mention:

Creating multiple requests will only make the waiting time longer, so please don’t and please be patient. I do understand how bad the frustration can be, and how much customers want their issues solved, but I believe being reasonable is better and will help everyone. And I also believe they will not forget anyone, the waiting times are currently bad, however they should still be dealing with everyone.

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