Anybody know what the Fairphone 3+ bottom module USB C connector is?

My Fairphone 3+ bottom module is no longer allowing me to charge or giving a solid USB connection. I am waiting, like a good few others it seems, on the release of spares.
In the meantime, it seems likely to me that the issue is the USB C connector wearing out. I have tried cleaning to no avail.
If anybody knows the part number of the USB C connector I have access to surface mount hot air and soldering stations and could have a go and fixing my module.

I can’t help with the part specifications, sorry – iFixit’s teardown doesn’t specify the connector type nor serial number either, although its step 11 at least allows a somewhat detailed visual (highest resolution: – the part closest to the screwhead graphic at the bottom of the photo).

However, I’d like to ask if you considered that the existing USB connector in your bottom module might not be worn out, but just gotten loose from the board (inside the bottom module, see iFixit) it’s supposed to be soldered to? A loosened USB port plagued FP1 and perhaps also FP2 in the past. On the other hand, @Leo_TheCrafter offered the thesis that in the FP2 bottom module, it was a fragile/broken board that was to blame for the malfunction.


It is true that it may just be loose.

This post shows it has some serious through hole lugs, two each side, which looks like a good start

I think realistically I will not attempt this until I have a spare, and then can afford to trash my existing bottom module. Then, when I open the broken bottom module I will know more!

It is an unusual design in that the outer metal shroud does not extend all the way over the contacts, they are shrouded by the outer plastic housing to some extent. I can’t see anything much like this in the major online distributor catalogs!


Fairphone support declined to assist with the USB C connector part number, I have asked again, but … sigh … better than module swapping is module fixing, less WEEE, still, module swapping is better than the whole thing being WEEE I suppose. Just not feeling the Fairphone love right now with having a battery fail, and a bottom module fail, just out of warranty, and no bottom module spares, and the date for stock of bottom module spares gently slipping out to end of September from mid September and … :sob:

I immediately ordered a new bottom module and battery (mine was still a low-SN from 2019) and what I immediately noticed was that the vibrator sounded different. The USB cable now clicks in hard–as it should!–which I don’t remember from the stock module.

I can test it though, and please don’t massacre me or my gf: but I got her an FP3 as soon as they came out as well since her phone was dying, but due to getting hand-me-downs up until now, she only started using it recently. So I’ll see if the original bottom module clicks in hard as well.

But between the vibration and the hard click, I suspect one reason it might have took so long to get them back in stock was that rework needed to be done, perhaps by people that were prioritized for FP5 development. Not that it excuses the delay: I too was about to give up and buy a big name phone and I’m sure many others did.

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