Any were ship FP battery to Taiwan

My FP3 batteries used 3 month all bloated ,any method to repair? I try to frozed it 4 hours, but leave refrigerator 3 hours latter, Its still bloat (swell) again

If i need to buy new one, How can I buy new battery at Taiwan?
News shows have a FP office in Taiwan? →土洋聯手 最永續手機品牌Fairphone,開發團隊清一色台灣人 破天荒造100%垃圾製手機 荷蘭新創率瀕垮小台廠升級記 - 今周刊

Thanks a lot

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Pretty sure you can’t repair and it is dangerous to continue using it.

There are companies that ship world wide form the EU and surrounds but I don’t know if they will do batteries alone.

So have you contacted the FP office in Taiwan?

Check out this although it’s an FP4 page

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A puffed up battery is dangerous and should not be used, as it can catch fire. Also, freezing/cooling a puffed up battery will not repair anything.

If anything, it might further damage the battery.

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Palcom is the Fairphone (4) agent in Taiwan.

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