Any way to take better pictures?

I’m quite disappointed with the pictures I 'm taking with my FP2, especially compared with those I take with the Samsung Galaxy S5 of my partner. Is there any way (installing a different app, etc.?) to take better pictures, especially HDR ones?
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how do you find the pictures of thread FP2 - Pictures Gallery?

I believe the camera is not sooo bad, while it could be improved, of course, and Samsungs camera has always been one of the best in smartphones. Anyway, you can adjust a lot of things with the Open Source app Open Camera, I recommend for taking pictures.

Hello @Dahm
I also found that the quality of the camera was n’t very well. So i installed an App “CamearMX”, to try if it is the soft of the camera or the harware of the camera. With CameraMX, the quality of the pics is really better.
So i kill definitly the original software of the camera to define CameraMx as the only one App for the pics and movies i made.
The only one bad way i found, is by using a tchat App who can’t use the settings of CameraMX. So, now i restart the original App of the camera. When i want tchat i use that one. If i want take good pics or movie, i use CameraMX

In addition to OpenCamera, like Amber, I use SnapSeed to do postprocessing. It helps a lot, but it takes a lot more time.

Of course, then the trick becomes to try to set the exposure settings (and if you’re really hard-core custom white balance) such that you capture most of the shadows and highlights, so you have as much information as possible for doing said post-processing.

Thank you everyone! I’ve installed CameraMX and Open Camera. I’ll let you know my feedback.
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