Any warning on switching to e-SIM?

Just unboxing my FP4 and considering changing my EE physical SIM to an e-SIM.

Anything I need to look out for?


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I just did this and had no nasty side effects. Ymmv :wink:


Perhaps wait a few days. Not that I expect any problem, but when you do you want to call your provider. They probably are be closed till January 2th.


The only difference I am aware (after 5 years o using eSIM with multiple phones) is that you need to visit the carrier when the phone stops working. With a regular SIM, you can just put your SIM in a different phone and you are good to go. You can’t do that with eSIM. Sometimes, changing phones or switching from SIM to eSIM might not work, and you get stuck. Very rarely, but it did happen to my sister.

Some carriers offer SIMs that are not registered yet. You can call the support and they can switch you number to that blank SIM. I do have that for backup.

Changing between SIM and eSIM might not be free (depends on the carrier).


You may have a look here and share your experience:
List of compatible and incompatible eSIM operators/networks for FP4 - Help / Guides - Fairphone Community Forum


I will share my experience and opinion about esim may it answer your question.

I did had problems switching to esim

furst try, on the website, failed.
after multiple times calling my provider. the customer service didn’t know how to do it as well… that’s why it took many attempts.

finely they told my it wasn’t possible to do from a distance or on the website…
…and needed to go to the store. 3 days laiter after my furst attempt i dit visit the store. it was don within 10 minutes. didn’t have any problems from that moment.
so keep i mind, if not work furst time, go to the store in person, don’t waist time trying. for my they needed my identitycard old sim card and my new phone.

i don’t think the eSIM do have any advantage over the normal SIM card.

only a few providers around the world do have eSIM available. and eSIM bundles are sometimes way more expensive, (based on my one experience)

i did change my Vodafone NL SIM card to a eSIM.
Vodafone NL don’t change anything for that and don’t change the price of use. it only took me a lot of time.
it will be different for different companies. if they support eSIM anyway…

i decided to change my sim to a eSIM to have the normal sim card slot available for a local SIM cards at different countries, much cheaper, much easier to change and a nice way to keep my phone number available so i not have to tell everyone when i change SIM again and agan.