Any update on October 2017 deliveries?


I have ordered a FP2 which was scheduled for delivery by October 31, 2017. I know this is still a week to go, but the mentioning of this date disappeared from my order when I log in, and phones can’t be ordered anymore right now. Digging through the website I somewhere found that you can put yourself on a (mail) waiting list, and the next batch should com end of 2017, but that does not tell any story about the current batch.

There have been delays in the past and I find it slightly suspicious that the date disappeared completely with no further notification, especially because I almost cannot use my current unfairphone anymore and am waiting desperately. Can anyone shed some light on the delivery status please?

Thank you for any hint :slight_smile:

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AFAIK past orders are not affected by the current halt in new orders. So if your FP doesn’t arrive in the next week call support.

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Hi there,

I received my Fairphone 2 a week ago. I am checking and getting used to it and soon I will post my impressions.

What is the current status in your “order” webpage?




Thank you both! It is good news that your phone already arrived, @Javi_VM. My order status is still “Processing” for weeks now, but I believe to remember that this page also showed the October 31st date which now disappeared. That is why I am concerned. But a little less concerned now :slight_smile:

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I had the same situation as you: “Processing” and no indication of date. When it is sent, status changes, but I don’t recall the exact word.


It seems I need to work on my patience… Today the status switched to “Completed” and I got an email with tracking info.

I am relieved and happy to confirm that everything is on schedule!



when did you order your Fairphone? Mine was also scheduled for delivery by October 31, 2017. But now I got a mail that the delivery will be delayed. :disappointed:

Hi @HolgerET,

My order is from September 11. I assume yours was later? Just in case the back cover makes the difference: Mine is supposed to be white :wink:


my order is from August 5. I am already waiting for nearly 3 months. Now, I feel like a second class customer. :disappointed:
Do you really think the back cover can make the difference? For me it’s indigo.

Indigo is the one colour that is listed in the accessories shop as ‘coming soon’, so this could have something to do with it.
Did Fairphone provide a new delivery estimate?

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Oh no, so I have chosen the only colour that can not be delivered. Thank you for the hint! It helps me feeling better with the delay, not as a second class customer any longer. :wink:
Yes, they did. The new estimated delivery date is end of November.

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Might be, that the batch with the indigo covers was defective. (Just one of many possibilities of course.)

Hi @all,

it’s exactly the same with my FP2 (indigo) order. I placed the order on 02. Sept. 2017, the delivery was estimated to at least 31th Oct. 2017. Now the status of the order changed to “Processing” and there’s no date given anymore. I got an email just a few days before end of Oct. where they stated the new estimated date of delivery is “end of November”:

Hello Fairphoner,

Due to a production delay related to one of the key components in the Fairphone 2, your order will be delivered later than planned. Based on our current schedule, you can expect to receive it by the end of November, including any additional items that you might have purchased at the same time. We will provide you with further updates soo, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox.

We understand that this is disappointing, and we want to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with our support team.

Kind regards,

The Fairphone Team

On the one hand I can read from this forum there are customers that complain about the unresponsiveness of the support team while they say there are way to much requests at the moment. On the other hand they send such mails where questions are raised instead of answered. (e.g. Which key component?) o_0

As many others here say: I stay waiting patiently because of the great idea, not of the well behaving customer service. :expressionless:

Kind regards

Honestly, I would expect them to tell customers that this is because of the chosen cover, and offer to either wait or change the cover color. This should be easily possible if decided early enough, but probably not now anymore.

This being said, let’s bear in mind that we are discussing this based on statistics with a quantity of 2. So there might be other reasons behind. Nevertheless very disappointing!

Dear @fneuss, @HolgerET, @ChrisPHL and others,

I did some internal research for you to find out what might be the case and found out the following for you:

We have a delay in one component of the phone: the blue indigo case, that creates a delay of the phone production. The main reason for this, is the strong success of this color. The current demand exceeds our predictions and we ran out of Indigo way sooner then we anticipated.

As soon as we found out that there was going to be a delay, we decided to inform all affected customers by mail and at the same time look into the causes and the possible solutions to them.

One of the solutions we looked into was allowing people to change the color, but after a small test, we quickly found out that this would need a lot of manual work from the team, which in return would not have any effect on the delivery date. The time needed to adjust the orders was about the same as the expected delay waiting for the indigo covers to arrive.

I am happy to be able to tell you that a new batch of the blue indigo case is currently on production at our supplier broadway and that we expect them to arrive soon.

We will inform all affected clients with a more specific update regarding the production and the reasons of this delay in the coming 10 days. And, if appreciated, I can also share that update here in the forum.

Thank you for starting and contributing to this topic, it helps us to stay sharp. :slight_smile:



Although I am not affected personally, I would like to thank you @Douwe for your response. For a company with transparency as its core value, it is important to demonstrate this transparency not only in production, but also in the way you deal with customers - your customers are most likely very picky because they pay a surcharge for a transparent* (by any means) product. So I think you did an important step, and it would help to post such updates in your blog or this forum, and Fairphone should try to inform more proactively in future.

Thank you again - good job!

*N.B.: My favourite would have been a transparent cover. It’s cool, and a nice symbol of this value too.


[Indigo back cover]

You see: If it had been black its success would have been much more predictable :wink:

Martin, originally with black translucent back cover, now indigo due to a lack of black slim covers…


A second mail informing all the people affected by this delay will be send today. The mail is send out in batches with a delay, so it might be a while before everyone has received it.

If you want, you can already read the mail here.



I have not received the email explaining the delay.

Do you know when the Fairphones with indigo case will be shipped? The color doesn’t really matter here, I’d take an other color if it would speed things up.