Any tips on getting a GPS lock faster?

Hello everyone,

whenever I’m going for a run I use the runtracker Strava to track it. I usually have GPS off all the time and switch it on, when I need it.

Sometimes the GPS becomes available in seconds, sometimes it seems to take forever and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Sometimes turning GPS off and on again helps, sometimes it doesn’t. This morning I restarted my phone after 5 minutes of unsuccessful waiting. After the restart the GPS lock was found in seconds.

I kind of looks like some bug, so I wonder if there are any tricks that people use to get a GPS lock faster.

Generally there are lots of tips in the #gpsguide, but your issue seems a bit special.
Maybe it helps if you don’t turn off GPS when you don’t use it. If it’s not used it doesn’t use up CPU or power anyway - you just have to make sure no app uses it in the background when you don’t want it to.


Hmmm, yes maybe I should give this a try. Thanks!

edit: Leaving location services enabled always made the problem go away. Not a perfect solution, but a doable workaround.

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