Any news about sailfish (or other ways of getting rid of google) for FP2?

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I have now received my FP2, and spent hours on my computer to search for possibilities to avoid using Google. As far as I understood, Sailfish is on its way to be available for FP2, but the latest news I found was from Oct.2015. Any updates for this, by now?

And what about cynogenmod? Though I just read, that it got “married” to Google, too, to some extend, by now.

What about replicant? Any options for the FP2? And, most important for myself, where can I find support for this?
Any other options?

I am not a software professional, and I find it a bit disappointing, tat only the pros are able to be real owners of their data, all the normal people have no real choices.

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Sailfish OS is being actively worked on for the Fairphone 2, and the current port status is looking rather promising at this point.

I’ll ask the guys about packaging up an image, even if its just an alpha or otherwise incomplete.

EDIT: Seems like they’re planning something for FOSDEM in brussels in a few weeks, so stay tuned!


You can (try to) build the Fairphone Open Source OS yourself, it does not contain any google apps or services. Or you can wait until Fairphone releases such build, which will still take a while (I was told by customer support that they plan to release it in the first quarter of 2016).

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Here is some update from the Jolla community:

Seems like the port is going well.
The problem I currently see with the Jolla port is the amount of available apps because as far as I know it will not include the possibility to run Android apps.

Too bad everything has to be an event these days. :frowning: I remember that I was not able to find anything about the last talk regarding this subject. I hope this time it will end up here as well.

Hahaha I’d rather have a “How to build a “truely” FOSS OS that you can at least share with your fellow fairphoners for your FP2”, hacking the phone can wait or be relegated to a set of pdf schematics in the meantime.

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Presentation(PDF) (slides) Thanks @keesj! I’m sure that talk will be a success!

What I now wonder about:

  • What does “Combine Fair & Open Source” (p. 31) means. I know Free & Open … Fair? … No clue.
  • Will the yubikey work on phone? If so, how? I think the yubi is way expensive … but now that package looks much more interesting …
  • Offering user installable builds (yay!)

I hope we will be able to hear more about this later!

Update: I listened in a bit and tried to take some notes, have a look here:


I had the pleasure of handling a Fairphone 2 with the latest Sailfish build on it @ FOSDEM over the weekend.

The state of the port is looking very good, graphics are running nice and smooth, and typically tricky things like camera and video recording seem to work just fine as well.

I saw a few other exciting Sailfish+Fairphone 2 related things that I maybe cannot tell you about yet, but given the talk by @keesj it looks like Fairphone are committed to giving a wide range of operating system experiences with a focus on having as much open source as they can which is great to see also.


Thanks for the report :slight_smile: let us hope they move their focus from open-source to free software in the future…
I can’t wait to try SailfishOS on the FP2


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