🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Fairphoners in Franken (Bamberg/Nürnberg/Bayreuth und Co) [vacant]

Danke fürs Organisieren. Ich freue mich schon aufs kennen lernen.
Gruß Toking

Jippie! :smile:

Ich komme aus Ansbach und versuche auch vorbeizukommen. Kann aber noch nicht sicher zusagen :confused:

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Kein Problem, freut mich, dass es dich interessiert :wink:

Ja, wir müssen uns da dringend mal um Custom Roms kümmern. Das aktuelle Rom vom Hersteller ist ja eher miserabel… (Bin vom HTC m8 umgestiegen)

How about Sailfish OS:

or Ubuntu Touch:

? :slight_smile:

Or Firefox OS: :wink:

No Android in the unofficial Sailfishports (Licence Reasons).
Ubuntu Touch is temp. not fulfilling my Software requirements. So at the Moment there is just a bloated slowly android… :pensive:

I know for Sailfish and I still haven’t registered in their forum but there is already a pledge to make licences available to buy for individuals…

For Ubuntu, I am not sure what kind of software requirements you have which are not met but maybe I even bring someone who has an Ubuntu phone to the meet-up so you could have a look. However, this is still unconfirmed.

@Stefan: I am aware of Firefox OS as well and following the thread, but I was a little taken aback by the last mozilla announcement in this respect…

We will see, if the community around FirefoxOS (B2G) is big enough to maintain B2G for smartphones without Mozilla staff involvement. But this is getting too offtopic, let’s stop here. :grin:

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Our meet-up will take place on Friday, just drop in :slight_smile:

Am Freitag treffen wir uns schon, komm(t) einfach vorbei :slight_smile:


Apparently, we’ll get to know someone who owns a Shiftphone as well.

Anscheinend gesellt sich noch ein Shiftphone-Besitzer zu uns.


Interesting, I’d like to know what he/she can tell about the Shiftphone. So, please report back, if you get to hear something valuable. :wink:

Wäre interessant zu wissen, was er/sie über Shiftphone erzählt. Falls ihr etwas berichtenswertes zu hören bekommt, teilt es doch bitte hier. :wink:

Hast du bestimmte Fragen? Kannst du mir auch per PM schicken…

Well, it’s more a general interest in (any) progress concerning sustainability, fairness and particularly transparency, cause I’ve heard about it a few times and read in their forum, but until then, no improvements in comparison to other smartphone companies were properly reported but only claimed. To me it seemed, that there was a great lack of transparency and I don’t know if this has improved since then.

i’m on my way. See you later!

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Just came home. We were 13 (!) of whom 7 already owning an FP2 :smiley:

More details and photo later, I am a bit tired right now :wink:


I’m very happy about meeting you all yesterday. The location was great and we had a lot of interesting topics to discuss.
Hope we can build up a tradition of meeting.

Thanks to all who were involveld and made the meeting happen.



I second that!
Was nice meeting you guys in person :slight_smile:
And yes, the location was really cool :wink:


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Hallo allesamt, ich habe es gestern leider nicht mehr geschafft. :frowning: Saß noch bis spät abends im Büro.
Beim nächsten Mal klappt’s hoffentlich.

Hey everyone, sorry for not being there yesterday. I had too much work to do in office. Hopefully I can be with you next time.

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