Any indication on a Fairphone 5?

Just about to purchase the FP4 and I wondered if there is any announcements of the FP5 and if its worth waiting…

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No announcement and no rumours so far.
If you have a working phone at the moment, I’d wait. The FP4 is getting 2 years old soon and there’s a limit to how long it can be supported. You will get a much longer support timeframe if you are able to wait for the FP5.


Still 5 years warranty, and.

I’m on my FP3 and waiting for the FP6 :slight_smile:


Warranty isn’t everything, if the platform doesn’t get further security updates it’s usefulness diminishes greatly as well.

At a certain point QC won’t release new security patches and while FP has said they’ll push it further, there’s no guarantee they can.


Thank you!

I’ve actually got a FP3 which would be fine but i’ve broken it by mistakenly using the wrong charger. I have a lenovo charger that looks exactly the same. I dont know how long i’d been using it but it doesnt charge properly now, the charge port on the phone - the cable falls out, if you get the balance right it remains in but only charges the phone at an extremely slow rate. If I put the phone on battery saver, turn everything down/off, it fully charges in about 48hours.

I could do with a new phone buuut I am really tempted to just put up with it…for a FP5 :-/

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well, if Fairphones are made for one thing, then for repairing them veeery easily :slight_smile:
Just get a new bottom module and your phone should be charging properly again:


Will that fix the charging issue - i looked on there but that sounded as though it was for speaking etc. Ok thank you!

The bottom module contains the USB C charging port, the vibration ‘motor’ and the primary mic, but not the speaker :slight_smile:

The speaker module is separate

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In the article below they mention the following.

‘Duurzaamheid speelt een steeds grotere rol. De innovatie in smartphoneland is de laatste jaren aan het afvlakken, bij Fairphone wordt de prijs-kwaliteitsverhouding juist steeds beter. Met deze investering is er geld voor campagnes voor het grote publiek, en de Fairphone 5 zit ook in de pijpleiding.’

Translation; they are working on the next Fairphone. But indeed, no specifics about a target release date. It could be in October, or maybe next year, who knows…


I assume you’re sure the problem was caused by the Lenovo charger and not dust having entered the USB port and so causing the cable to fall out?

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I’ve been charging my FP3 for years with my Lenovo USB-C charger, it’s working great (best charger I have at home).
But I second the plug for a new bottom module, I’m on my 3rd (2nd still charged but didn’t ‘grip’ right, though it was better after I cleaned it thoroughly). Maybe I’m not a very careful cellphone owner, but with any other brand I’d have one phone last about a year and a half, and I’ve had my FP3 for over 3 years by now.

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I dont think so? It doesnt look as though it has lots of dust and I have tried blowing out any dust that might be in there.

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It’s not dust but a crust that I managed to get out of my port (after 10 minutes of work with a pared down wooden toothpick).
In any case, with a new bottom module, my phone became good as new. Ymmv.

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So fairphone 5 is listed as one of the devices on which the 10 year video was shot.

I guess that means there is a real, live FP5 in the wild.

For further discussion

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