Any Fairphone1-Users in Munich? I need one battery charge

Hi you all,
I like to transfer my data from my Fairphone 1 to my new Fairphone 2. Unfortunately, the last bug of the old phone is that the charging slot is broken and I can not charge it any more. So to speak I need one battery charge of the Fairphone 1 for the data transfer.
Is there a Fairphone 1 -User in Munich, Germany who can lean me his/her battery for a few hours?

If you don’t get an individual reply soon, just email munich [at] fairphone [dot] community :slight_smile:

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At the 25th there is also the next Meetup in Munich.

You can ask @MrsMorgendorffer (she’s one of the organizers of the meetup) to bring her FP1.

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danke, ich hab ein schlechtes Gewissen, weil ich überall poste, nur nicht im fp forum :frowning:


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