Another random discussion about FP

The top comment is not mine. But yes, I did got involved, but no I didn’t bring it up. Alain was already in the discussion. Apparently I didn’t read that comment from Alain correctly, I thought he meant something else. If your point is that I’m too present in this thread then I agree. Life is indeed too short for this :slight_smile:

You are right, I really didn’t know that my Pixel 4a has an AOD. As I didn’t had that with any previous phone I didn’t realized, that I can activate that in the settings. Now, as it is at the end of its lifetime, it got its last update a view weeks ago, I found a new function :slight_smile: .

Maybe, I didn’t check that, will do later.

Your reports completely filled the first page of the forum. For every little bit you didn’t like, you started a thread, that was really annoying.


I was socialized in a work environment where our customers complain about issues. and if we don’t react, they will increase pressure until we solve the issue. i often was heading such troubleshooting projects in the past. that was not too funny in many cases. now in my current position I am something like a product manager for the stuff we improved in the past solely due to customer pressure. and today often enough I am very happy that our customers pushed us so hard because that’s the reason why now our products are better than the ones of competitors.

why i am telling you this? because i am convinced that without annoying customers like myself, many companies will not have enough “motivation” for continuous improvement which is mandatory for success. And success is what I want FP to have.


While I do agree that it was sort of annoying and looks like a lot of complaining at first, I can absolutely see the point of doing it anyway as it provides the best open bug tracker we have for those issues at this time. The posts have since vanished from the front page and don’t annoy anyone any more. But instead of mixing all the various problems in one thread, we can now track their progress much more neatly.


But you also know, that this is a user forum, no bug tracker for Fairphone developers. So why bothering all the users instead of the support team?

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Naming issues yes, however with the intention to put pressure and repeating ad nauseum is just annoying and give false impression of having control (whats its actually all about when you try to put pressure on someone).

Also FP always listened to their customers even at times where the customers were a lot more patient and did not willful put pressure on them, else the products would not have changed that much from Version to Version.


Exactly, this here is for the users to keep track of what the current issues are. This way everybody can be up to date.
I think it’s important that people who buy the products can know what they get. As much as I want FP to succeed: By creating unrealistic expectations you’ll ultimately only frustrate and lose those people.


It depends on the type of pressure, I’d say. Spamming support repeatedly is likely only going to make things worse as they have to work through those useless messages.
But I think it’s absolutely valid to have as many people as possible report their (real/serious) issues to support so they can get their priorities right and see what the most urgent problems even are.

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Well, if it’s a real issue probably, but not if it’s maybe a single, small inconvenience, I can discuss with other users. And not raising the finger, ‘Dear Mr. Teacher, I know something’ again, and again and again.


I def disagree here, as for me its about the intention I do something (either here or by opening a ticket) and there is no 2 way to put pressure, thats always manipulative trying to control things (even if the intention might be a good one).

I have an issue that bothers me? I report to support, maybe mention it in the dedicated topic in the forum however I dont make it a general task “I have to put pressure on them and tell them how bad they work”.

I don’t see anybody pinging him here. And 4 days is enough time for a company to breathe before giving a statement.

I really wonder how such things are in the work surroundings of people defending the extreme slow movement of FP. Maybe my conception comes from I am working in a commercial company while others are not used to that?

everytime he is quoted he is notified


just because I’m not in the “putting pressure team” it does not mean I’m defending something.I just dont consider it to be my job to improve FPs processes and try to be a bit more patient, thats all. The current screen sensitive issue so far does not seem to be very serious to me, so why not just waiting a bit and let them do their job and come back once they have a bit more details?


I will repeat the usual statement about the forum : it is not here we should report bugs to Fairphone and Fairphone employees read the different threads from time to time so no, you don’t pressure on Fairphone when you complain here.


You have the feeling nothing moves and it can be true. But being a beta testers, I know things move a.lot and that it is normal the updates take time to reach the final users without known blocking bugs.

Try to trust me : things are moving even if you don’t have a feedback.


I think we mean the same thing, but have different definitions of “pressure”. It certainly puts pressure on a company to know that many people have an issue - at least if they care about their customers and products. If this is intended by the reporter might be a different question.

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that’s a misunderstanding. no company has interest of having customers complain in public as it deters new customers. so yes, it puts pressure on FP.

Complain on X (former Twitter) or Instagram, it will be much more efficient

nice that you can afford such patience for a company needing 16 month to solve the ghost touch issue (and then offering an update which opens new issues!) I dont have this patience. And believe me: in businesses nobody would spend money on solving issues which customers accept with silent patience. same is true for FP.

Correct. This is not the primary place to report bugs to FP, but it is a place where the community can exchange information and also keep each other updated.

Just because I dont repeat ad nauseum and more or less aggressively in the public does not mean I’m silent.

I dont think pressure is the tool to speed up work or motivation, irrespective of the enviroment, however I think we can agree to disagree.