Annoying unlock sound

Since I updated my fairphone 3, it’s been playing a really annoying sound ‘bleep bleep bloop’ about a second after I unlock it. I have vague memories of it doing this when I first got it, but it’s started again recently.

Going into sound settings and unchecking “screen locking sound” does not work. This just stops a different sound, a quiet ‘click’ which is much more tolerable anyway.

The only way I can get it to stop is by silencing “ring and notification volume”, but I actually would quite like to get notification sounds for texts and calls. Just not this infuriating unlock sound.

Anyone have any idea how to fix it, if not in sound settings?

Check if this happens in safe mode as well, if not its a third party app (Notification)…

Yes, it still happens in safe mode :frowning:

So its either system or a preinstalled app. As its a culprid for several things, maybe deactivate wellbeing and see if it stops?

I deactivated digital wellbeing and turned notifications off for every pre-installed app, but sadly it’s still happening. Does this imply it’s a system issue? If so, what can I do?

If you go to
Settings > Notifications > Notification history
… do you see anything in the list that might be the culprit? We’re looking for a service that gets activated when you unlock the phone.

I was wondering whether something like
Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi preferences > Notify for public networks
or some similar option might be the cause.

Just to be sure, you’re running FPOS 8901.4.A.0021.0 (latest version of stock Fairphone OS for the FP3)?

Yes, I’m using the latest software. It has been happening since the software update before this most recent one (I only updated it to that a few weeks ago).

Notification history, no. I had it turned off, I turned it on and unlocked my phone a few times, but nothing appeared in the notification history.

And unfortunately turning off WiFi public network notifications didn’t work either! Thank you so much for the suggestions, please keep them coming!!

If you turn on airplane mode (no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data or GSM), then turn off the screen; when you unlock again is the sound produced?

Hi Owlbreeze

just as an idea: got a chance to record this sound?
Maybe this way somebody here in the forum can recognize and identify where it comes from (OS, 3rd party app …)

Tried it, no luck sadly.

yes! the sound is here.

Hi Owlbreeze,
Your link is to a Google Drive location that requires authentication with a Google account.
Would you consider providing a link that can be used anonymously? To do this, when sharing the file, use the “Get link” command and then, in the dialogue box, choose “Anyone with the link”.

However, be aware that your account name and identifier will be visible to those accessing the file.
For occasional use, consider creating an account that you don’t mind making public.
One can use a totally anonymous service, but those often carry a more or less undesirable payload.


Sorry about that… should work now:

Thanks for the link, both work fine without me having any account.

Strangle the sound does sound like a disconnect.

Can you remove the SIM and any SD card and restart the phone without either and if that stops it try only with one etc.

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Not a sound I recognise specially.

If you want to take the time, you could run through the collection of sounds provided by the system to see if it’s any of those. Just go to Settings > Sound > Default notification sound and listen to each one. If you recognise one of them, we might be able to find it in the phone’s settings.

It’s not in the sounds offered on the FP4 for A12, I’ve just been through them …

That’s because they’re the same. Owlbreeze just changed the access rights.

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It’s not one of the default notification sounds on my FP3 though there are quite a few similar

I have just found a Screen locking sound which comes on a) when I lock and then b) when I unlock, but that’s doesn’t seem it ??

I guess the answer is no, because

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Since it wasn’t mentioned yet … an internet search wants to tell me that some people could attribute an unlock sound to NFC getting unlocked.
I don’t use NFC, so I can’t point directly to anything, but perhaps you could disable NFC to see whether the sound survives.


All praises to @AnotherElk for giving the right hint! :wink:

This video got the same sound:



Well done. Edit: Sounds likely, I await results with bated breath.

If anyone’s interested, it’s a descending arpeggio of a C major chord in first inversion.