Annoying unlock sound

No sound with NFC on ??

I use my phone with Wi-Fi as I have no network, so I use Flight Mode and then enable WiFi

Until this thread I didn’t notice that Flight mode does not disable NFC, so mine has been on for some time ??

Maybe you have an app that uses the NFC which I don’t

YES!!! YOU ARE ALL HEROES, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It’s gone, I’m free!


i cant see what happens the screen is soo bright - can someone tell me. I have no problems with my fairphone except the noise - even mute doesnt turn off the noise so its no good for work so actually thinking of going back to a more mainstream brand

The video just confirms that the sound in question was the NFC unlock sound, and that this sound is gone after disabling NFC.

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Not that I’m available at the moment but I have registered as a Fairphone Angel near Plymouth UK.

I’m not sure you have posted in a suitable topic.

So presumably you have an FP3 as this is help for that version of the phone ?

also this doesn’t make sense

Where you say you only have one problem but you started by saying the screen is too bright.

Generally it is easier to deal with each issue in a separate topic and as I said this topic which is marked as resolved doesn’t deal with either of yours ??

@Margaret_Bates replied to @DonFnord’s post with the video. The screen was too bright to see what’s going on in it :wink: .


Must be getting too old/tired for this :rofl:

It is the screen in the video that i cant see. My Fairphone makes the same very annoying noise that i think is also an NFT but I cannot turn it off


Simply ignore that screen.
The sound is coming because you got NFC active (not NFT, that´s something else …)

To disable it go to your settings, use the search field and enter NFC. Select that option from search and switch it off. That´s it.


Just a reminder:

NFC stands for near field communication. It’s the device which enables the phone to be used for contactless transactions such as in public transport or making credit card - style payments. If you want to use these remember to switch it on again.


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