Annoying low battery popup since Kola Nut 1.8.5

After installing Kola Nut, when battery goes below ~12% a small pop up shows up at the bottom of the screen every few seconds, reminding me that battery is low.

It is very annoying, since I have to wait for it to disappear and I end up spending more time doing whatever I need, which I would especially like to do quickly since the phone is running out of power.

I found no way to disable it. If there is a way, please let me know, and if there isn’t, I would like to have some checkbox in the battery settings menu to do so.

I found that popup annoying too. It was there up to 1.6. On 1.8 it was gone, now in 1.85 it appears to be back, as you say, apparently together with the old launcher.
You might consider to switch to the new launcher, the link was available somewhere in the update tutorial.

I get one popup, 30 seconds later I’m out of battery…

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If i am below 14% i can count the seconds until my phone dies, so that never occured to me. Sounds annoying.

I never see any pop up warning. Last night I could keep on reading (wifi on, screen on) until battery sign showed 5%, no warning (except the usual 15% once). But after installing 1.8.5 three days ago, my battery seems to last about 1 day with my normal use (wifi on, some phone calls & messages, some browsing).
Before 1.8.5 it was at least 3 or 4 with normal use, and still about 2 including the use of navigation - so screen and GPS on, offline maps - for about 6 hours. But in 1.8 I remember battery emptying in about half an hour after the 15% warning.
I am considering re-installing the 1.8 launcher for different reasons. Does anyone know if this launcher includes different software then 1.8.5 for energy usage, battery or timing?

Thanks, I will give it a try.

The 14% bug is a frequent issue discussed at length on the forum. Try the battery reset suggested by Stefan.

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A launcher never changes any other settings than the appearance of your home screen / app drawer.