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How long does it take for Android policies to become available on the Fairphone?

On my current phone it takes ages, making it impossible to connect to my work mail due to strict security policies.

I need my phone to follow within a month.

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Hi and welcome,

this search might give an impression, its not always monthly


Updates for the FP4 and the FP3 have been tracked here (incl. dates):


For safety’s sake that should leave you with Google’s own devices and e.g. Android One devices.

Apart from Google themselves and vendors bound by Google to deliver monthly (see Android One for example), nobody can give you any guarantee.


True, and if better update policies are followed, these usually apply to high end phones. Only Samsung is an exception, where even budget phones get timely updates.

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If my number 1 priority was to receive updates on time, I wouldn’t even bother with the Fairphone 4.

I’d say go with Pixel or Samsung if you want updates. FP4 is currently on Android 11 and I’m not seeing that changing any time soon.

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It’s not the major version, that counts, but the security updates. It doesn’t help if you have Android 12 on your mobile, but the last update was in May.


Newer versions of Android come with more secure API’s along with more security features in general. Sure, the security updates are important, but if you want 100% of the security features then you need Android 13.

I still believe, that an unpatched version of Android 13 ain’t more safe than a current Android 11 version.


Of course. I’m happy with the current situation for the most part

I just wish we weren’t 2 years behind on updates :sweat_smile:

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You have to distinguish between features and patches. If you want features, then sure, any phone with Android 12/13 will have all those shiny new features that Fairphone lacks. But if you want security, then Fairphone is actually one of the best vendors. Sure, it’s on Android 11, but it’s consistently on the latest security bulletin.


Update or upgrade ? I have the feeling both are mixed.

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  • Yes updates are pretty good and every 2 or 3 months.
  • sadly they often come with some feature freakout
  • Upgrades are usually a year behind A11 now A12 ‘soon’ maybe a winter gift.

There have been 4 A11 updates for the FP3 since May (7 months) so better than every 2 months

And 14 in 18 months for the A10


So A12 is 13 months old and A13 3 months old as of Nov 22

Did you really have an expectation that Fairphone had anywhere near the resouces of Google (Pixel) and Samsung ???


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