Android File Transfer not working on Macbook

Hi, I’m trying to back up some data from my FP2 on to my macbook pro. I’ve selected MTP but the window shows no files when it opens (see pic). I have backed up this way before so not sure why it’s not working now, but any suggestions for how to fix, or back things up without using AFT much appreciated, cheers!

How many “FP2” items do you see in your file browser before selecting the one in the screenshot?
Are you using plain FPOS 17.11.* (Android 6)?
Has it ever worked before with the same cable?

It’s not the browser. The screenshot shows “Android Data Transfer”, the app needed for USB transfer on a Mac.

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I recently stumbled on the same hurdle with my Macbook. I had no clue and still dont know why it did that but its now working fine, All I did was to rebooth both devices, reconnect the cable and there it was, working as always.
Id love to have some sort of technical explanation for that behavior, hope it helps anyway.

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