Android Auto not supported on FP3?!

Hello Community,

Can anybody help me with this issue? I am not able to install Android Auto on my FP3 because it is not supported. Is that intended or is it a setting issue.

I am coming vom iOS and not having this option in my car would be a set back.

Thanks for any help!


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When you say it is not supported, could you be a bit more precise?
Do you have a specific error message?

From UK perspective there is not an issue although there are at least 7 app permissions to be granted during setup. Please note only get superimposed notifications when taking screenshotFP3AndroidAuto

Thanks for the reply alex21.

I should have said not compatible. When I want to download the app via the browser, I get the message that the Faiphone3 is a not supported device. Is the FP3 connected to the car (KIA Optima from 2017), the message appears in the car screen that the phone does not react. The symbol for Android Auto appears and disappears (on the phone).

Do you need any other info?

Hello aspergerguy,

I am not even able to download the app from the Playstore. On the phone the app does not appear and via the browser it is shown that the FP3 is not compatible, as I also wrote to alex21. :-/

It maybe useful for others if you could mention from which region you are accessing Play Store, although assuming from Germany?

That is also an idea that I just had. I live in Sweden and I cannot find the info in which region I am registered. I can download Swedish apps no problem.

Edit: Registered in the Swedish region.

No doubt you have already found this question:


… I am speechless. How can something like this be? Let me see if I can workaround that… no words

Thanks a bunch aspergerguy!

Edit: For any swedish person to bypass the google limitations, here is a youtube link:

Welcome to the desert of the real. :wink:


@AnotherElk XD good one

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