Android 9 on FP2 works great!

My Fairphone 2 is from 2015, one of the first batch … and it got slow and crashed awkwardly often in the last months. Some of the spontaneaous reboots I covered with the help of forum tipps here, an additional source of error was the new WIFI mesh mode within my private Fritzbox Router setup.
OK, but still it crashed into reboot more than often simply by clicking a link or tapping for context menus within several apps. My last hope was the Android 9 Update.
And now I got it at the beginning of May (had to reinstall the updater app updates to see it offered) and miraculously all the instabilities are GONE! The smartphone feels faster and more responsive, even the battery life is better than before (ok, got it down again by playing around with some new features).
Love it, great success for me.
Alas, I won´t buy a FP3 now, since my FP2 is up and running smoothly again. Maybe bad for the fairphone company, but that´s why I came here years ago.
Mission accomplished! :grinning:


Lucky you Perin!

My FP2 is nearly unusable after the latest update!

Nothing works like before.
Example - even my contacts are stored locally, they are not connected to the telephone-app,. I can see numbers of incoming calls, but not the name of the caller.
Playing music from sd-card is out of order
all messengers lost the contacts

It’s worth to note that the latest update at this point in time was no “normal” update like the ones coming along from time to time, but the major upgrade from Android 7 to Android 9 as the topic title suggests.

So …


Thank you for your detailled step by step instruction.

I am using a FP because I don´t use Google/Apple / any other data gathering instance.

There are no unique data on it except the callers list, the SMS history ,

But please I am not a developper, just a stupid user who wants to take incoming calls. There is currently no “spare part phone” around , what I feel I will need when I start such operations.

Just want to echo this post. The Android 9 update has improved stability, and most important, the life of of a phone that I feared would be coming to an end given the many posts on this forum. I have changed two components in the last 5 years and with the update am confident that my modest investment in FP2 has been more than worthwhile.


Perin’s experience was similar to mine: Before the upgrade, my FP2 was randomly restarting, sometimes when interacting with the FP2, but sometimes without any interaction. The cause for these restarts is completely unknown to me. This was of course very annoying and made the phone hardly usable. After upgrading to Android 9, these reboots disappeared. The phone is stable again. :slight_smile:


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