Android 6 crashes when Fairphone 2 enters screen saver during screen mirroring to Miracast device

Dear all,

I’m using my FP2 for giving presentations (PDF or PPT) via screen mirroring (Miracast, WiFi). Connecting and mirroring are working properly, at the beginning.

However, when the screen saver / locking screen is getting active - on purpose or just after a few minutes of doing nothing - the preinstalled Android 6 background screen theme is shown, the FP2 display and casted screen starts blinking on/off, no content is shown anymore, locking can not be unlocked - and the phone can only be reset with a shutdown and reboot.

Does anyone have similar problems? Any idea of what could be a solution for it?

Unfortunately, screen casting is not possible in safe mode, so I can’t check easily if its a problem of some disturbing app or a regular Android 6 issue.

Thanks for replies!

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Hi all,

Same problem here with my FP2 and Chromecast. Sometimes, video/audio streams during screen mirroring keep running on the TV even if the phone cannot be controlled anymore - until the latter is shut down (or the stream has ended). So in some cases the FP keeps streaming the original content even if the device itself starts showing the flickering preinstalled Android 6 background screen. The wallpaper has to be manually reset after reboot.

Thanks in advance for any help!

So far, the FP support didn’t show up with a solution. I was asked to reset to factory settings but didn’t do that so far because of data loss etc. Have you tried that?

Thanks for the quick reply! For me, the issue isn’t worth a factory reset - so I haven’t tried that (yet).


I have the same problem with Miracast, exactly the symptoms as @NobbiT told above.
My System is 17.08.1, I have to reboot and set the Background screen as new.
At the moment it happens, the device gets very hot very quickly.
I would therefore not make a factory reset, since the same problem is synonymous with others occurs.

Hmm, do we have to add an issue to the bugtracker?
My fathers FP2 restarted as well during casting.


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