Android 13 update, chargingproblems

Since the Update to 13 the fastcharging dosn’t work anymore.
Only slow charging works.
On/off, reboot, batteryswap, i try all. Another Charger, cable, i try it. Only slow charging. 'I can charge on the USBHub of my PC, there is normal charging possible, but no more fastcharging.

Hi Roman1 and welcome to the community and the forum.

There have been sporadic cases in the past, though I haven’t heard of others directly linked to Android 13 update, so that may be a coincidence. In at least one case, the fast charging resumed though with a different charger.

You seem to have tried all the solutions I would have suggested. The only additional suggestion I would make is to carefully and thoroughly clean the phone’s USB port using a plastic toothpick to remove lint, vacuum cleaner (small tool brush attachment) and / or compressed air for finer dirt and possibly high-grade or isopropyl alcohol. If you know people with other fast chargers and cables keep trying different combinations as occasions occur.

Two additional points, not solutions but that you might bear in mind: (a) fast charging is best avoided when possible since it stresses the battery more, even if the logic slows the rate once a level of 80% or so is reached ; (b) if you regularly need quick topping up on the go, you might consider using a power bank.

The phone will presumably be out of guarantee by now, though you can always contact FP support contactsupport for a repair quote.


Whenever I’ve had issues with charging it was because the phone was damp. So I’ve stopped doing things that will cause it to be damp.

Walks in the rain seem to be fine. Having it in the bathroom during or after a shower is not. I put a slot for me to drop it into outside the bathroom door, and ever since it’s been fine.


I have a slightly different but related issue. Since the update, I keep getting a message saying Fast Charging 98% full … when the phone is not charging, not connected to a cable at all and the battery is definitely not 98%. It’s not that irritating but may help people to track down more serious problems.

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