Android 13: Unable to connect to WHOOP

Hi, I upgraded my Fairphone 4 to Android 13. Ever since, I’ve been unable to connect to my WHOOP device. It seems that this kind of connectivity issue is related to a bug in Android, as discussed here: Reddit - Dive into anything

Could you please let me know if this issue is known/related and if/when this will be fixed?


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If you want to address this to Fairphone, please note this is a user forum, so unless another user talked to support about this, we cant help you much. Maybe its best to contactsupport directly.


I have the same problem… Any response from the fairphone-support?

No, not yet. I was able to replicate this issue on FP 3, 4, and 5, though :slight_smile:

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Same problem. Keep me update pls!

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I have the same problem also. There were Bluetooth problems after Android 12 update as well.

Got a reply from Fairphone support:

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with the WHOOP fitness tracker. This
looks like a compatibility issue with the manufacturer of the tracker and Android 13.

It will be up to the app developer to fix this. I would suggest reaching out to their Support
for further information.

I don’t think that’s the case, though :confused:

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There are several reports in the Play Store for the Whoop App that it does not work with A13!?

And thats the subject of the reddit topic you linked!?

PSA: Whoop 4.0 does NOT work with Android 13 on devices from multiple manufacturers such as Asus, Sony, Oneplus, Google and more! Fix in the work, might take some time

So was this fixed?

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I have my Whoop subscription on pause now. But I will follow this topic here to hear about the resolved issues in the near future. Hoping soon!

WHOOP says it’s not a problem on their side and we should contact Fairphone support :frowning: Reading the comments on the Play Store, there seems no hope for fixing the problem on WHOOP side.

Does it make sense to go back to Android 12?

Because an app is not working with Android 13 in general and the programmer doesn’t want to help? I don’t think so. Fur sure I wouldn’t sacrifice security of my phone for a single app.

Well I have paid ca. 400 Euros für a 2 years WHOOP contract in forward :frowning:

Well then ask WHOOP for a solution, the ball is in their field.

Well I did that and they said the ball is in fairphones playing field. i think i go back to android 12.

It’s easy for them to blame someone else, but as stated here before, it’s not working with others devices with Android 13.

Wiping all your data and setting your phone to a risky security state because of a simple app?

Here is again someone in WHOOP Software team confirming their stance:

We are aware of the ongoing connection issues experienced on certain devices such as Fairphone running Android OS 13. The WHOOP Engineering Team has provided feedback to the phone manufacturers to help them develop a solution for this issue since this change is outside of our control. Due to this issue being outside of WHOOP, we cannot predict when a fix will be available.

I’m not picking sides but this does seem to be a problem affecting only some devices. Google Pixel and Samsung phones work well after updating to Android 13. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a workaround and we will have to wait until one of the two sides fixes the problem.

Incanus does have a point that downgrading back to Android 12 is probably a bad idea.

no, because i paid 400 euros in advance for the usage of that app including the tracker.

thank you for the update. may be fairphone could predict then if and when the fix will be avialable.

I‘m afraid that doesn‘t have a high priority, as there some quite long existing flaws they have to iron out first. But keep your fingers crossed, maybe it will be healed as a side effect,