Android 12 User Interface and Experience

So after the launch of Android 12, some of the user interface has changed (personally I’m less keen) so now familiarising myself with my phone.

Does anyone know how to take screen shots? I used to press the square :black_large_square: and then the bottom screenshot. This has now gone . . . Really common function.

Also, is there a way of timing down some of the UI - it’s all a bit in your face.


For the screenshot issue, please check the other topics, for example:


Should be under Settings → Display → Display size and text → Display size (can’t check on stock FPOS right now). That will let you adjust the size of UI elements.

If you meant the general UI styling, that’s what Android looks like now, apart from being able to change the colors in a future update there’s not a lot you’ll be able to change.


…not to say nothing :wink:

This is super fascinating to me. I’ve used phones with stock-ish Android for about 10 years now, and I’ve legit never felt that a UI change has been a downgrade before. The top menu looks like something made for a special elderly user mode, and Google has once again needlessly moved around stuff that really didn’t need moving.

My long-term goal has always been to buy a Pixel 9a or whatever and install GrapheneOS on it. I’m genuinely starting to re-consider and instead buying a Samsung or OnePlus. I want a phone that gets more modern every year, not less modern and that’s exactly what I’ve gotten in the past. Now? I dunno, I guess I’ll get used to it. But the truth is that I don’t really want to get used to it.

Well, that’s probably always going to be a matter of taste.

My not so tech savvy family member has had absolutely zero complains with the switch to Android 12 and just keeps using their phone to get the stuff done they want to use it for.
I however, who’s been on A12/A13 for almost a year and really likes the new style, have been screaming in agony every time I had to help them with their A11 phone …

I guess what I’m saying is most people probably don’t care, otherwise we’d see more outrage on this forum :man_shrugging:

As someone who often uses the phone outside while cycling or with gloves I wouldn’t want to give up that feature again.
I’m far from elderly, but I’m always for better accessibility because we all can benefit from that.


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