Android 12 has come to the FP4

I’m very disappointed with this Android version. The main theme is ugly and not user friendly; the clock on the lock screen is too huge, the default screen (menu) is too bright (every parameters had different colours before), and buttons like “Wifi”, “Hotspot”, “Plane mode”,… are not just icons anymore with tabs a loooot too huge.
Please, make it reversible or at least customizable. How do we switch back to previous Android version?
Please help.

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Thats mainly how Android is now, so there are a few things that might change, however not the main look, we will have to get used to it.


/e/OS has this option to turn off the double-line clock on the lock screen in Android 12, at least on the Fairphone 3, but I don’t know whether this means it should be present in AOSP now, which everything else is based on, or whether some merciful developer soul added this somewhere down the Custom ROM line. But for sure it’s nice to have.

Ha anyone else experienced performance issues after upgrading to 12? My FP4 is sluggish at best, the animations laggy and I am experiencing issues with hotspot not working at all. If this wasn’t my work phone I would try a factory resett but I have to many different software tokens running to do this just as a test.

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As an alternative to one handed mode I can highly recommend the Quick Cursor (setting the sensitivity to high and cover the entire screen).

Good point, I wasn’t really sure myself.

I found 4 commits for CalyxOS that mention the option (nothing for /e/OS or LineageOS).
The author seems to work at Google and those commits show up in AOSP as well.

From the looks of it they seem to target Android 13, so you are right, someone on the custom ROM side probably pulled them in for Android 12.

I don’t think we’ll see Fairphone backporting this feature, this might take till the Android 13 release to get resolved.


These commits are part of Android 12L (released March 7, 2022, which fairphone OS isn’t using) that also includes Material You’s dynamic theme generator


Thank you for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

So since FP are working on supporting Material You on A12 (presumably by updating to 12L), there’s still hope this might get pulled in after all :crossed_fingers:


Has anyone found out whether the accent color can be changed from the off-blue we currently have? It clashes badly with my lockscreen background image, and it’s the color always used for the lock clock.

I guess you need a rooted phone for that. Then Repainter works fine, at least for me

I was very pleasured to receive an update to Android 12, but after this I had more issues, that I wish I have a functional working Android 11 back.

So the issues I recognized (at the moment), are:

  • screen is sometimes always on. Does not lock the mobile anymore.
  • Hotspot does not work (mentioned in the forum).

I had this issue also on Android 11, it made me miss an LED screen :slight_smile: It didn’t happen often though.

Many users are reporting that the hotspot will function if you select 2.4 GHz and not 5 GHz in the hotspot options. Follow the link for more discussion on this.

Rolling back to A11 is complex and not recommended, though I understand your wish :wink:


My phone definitely feels snappier on A12

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After reading all the problems (bugs) related to the Android 12 update, can I still wait to update? hope this gets fixed soon

Yepp, it’s a frame by frame show while watching vids. Is there a trobleshooting?

I live in the netherlands and on the Vodafone/Hollandsnieuwe network.
I still have not received an update to android 12 on FP4. Are there other people from the Netherlands that have not received their update?
Is there anything I can do to force this upgrade?

There were some KPN users who didn’t receive the update yet. Have you received another security update for Android 11? Then the release of Android 12 is definitely delayed for your provider.
There are ways to force the update, easiest would be to switch SIM cards and trigger it. I wouldn’t recommend that this time, though. At least in Switzerland, there seem to be problems related to emergency calls and that’s likely a feature you don’t want to miss on your phone if you really need it.