Screen time-out does not work


I have my FP4 since a few days and now the screen stays on even the time-out is set top 15 seconds.

What can be the cause of this?

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Many things:

  • have you tried a full restart, press power button for 10 secs
  • Try a safe mode start, which will temporarily disable any custom apps

Does it happen only on charger? I’ve also noticed that after the last update, but haven’t debugged it yet too much…

I’ve just now realized I’m having the same issue. Apparently, clearing the cache of the Settings app and restarting the phone temporarily fixes it. But it can probably come back at any time. See

Make sure to #contactsupport

It’s not when the phone is charging.
Full reset or safemode doesn’t change much.
Clearing the cache didn’t help at all.

I noticed it’s sometimes working sometimes be not.

Since the screen is the most energy consumer, I would like to have this working.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Any other are welcome.


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@Yasen_Tomov confirmed that the latest update for the FP4 included a fix for this issue