Android 12 for FP4?

I’m not certain of what you refer to. Do you mean that MicroG doesn’t support what you want it to? If so, I agree.

Did you try Roms with root? Or with an unlocked bootloader?

It was that Pixel ROM with also extra privacy, but close to the Pixel experience. Don’t know the name anymore. No root stuff, bootloader could be closed. But that was on my Pixel, FP still seem to have issues with those things as far as I’m up to date about it.

IodeOS also and a much better firewall

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Does IodéOS support the Google Play Store? Additionally, do you know which project they use for their firewall instead of whatever CalyxOS uses?

you can use the play store by using aurora. installing Gapps on top of Iode or Calyx is not the intention of those OSes. In the case you need Google Store and aurora it not sufficient, I guess LOS plus Gapps would be the way to go.

CalyxOS is designed to be operated with a locked bootloader, and I don’t want to have to install Magisk to bypass SafetyNet.

Aurora is, for many reasons which are probably reported at their bugtracker, but which I am able to specify if you want me to, an inadequate replacement for the Google Play Store. Lack of support for payment and review, primarily.

LineageOS isn’t a very good OS, especially when compared to CalyxOS. Its updater is awful, for instance.

probably you should design your own OS as it seems you have a very clear idea about it and it does not exist…still I think you will never be able to use Google stuff with Calyx or Iode

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The only major ROM that supports the Play Store is GrapheneOS and they decided not to support the Fairphone 4 due to it not having something like the Titan M2 and due to being constantly behind on updates.


I’m pushing for the basics to be completed. If you read the linked issue you’ll see that. It’s difficult due to default Android’s strict security model, however, which CalyxOS adheres to.

You might be in for a long haul if you think that issue is gonna make someone in the CalyxOS dev team start magically working on root / Play Store support.
There are only a few people working on Calyx as a whole and there doesn’t seem to be much interest in that. There are more important things to tackle, like a built-in ad blocker.

If you want this done, you’ll get faster results if you do it yourself (especially if you want anything root related, that is never going to be supported).
Otherwise, Calxy works fine with Magisk, just don’t ask for help with it in any of the official channels.

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@hirnsushi, I don’t expect it to “magically” be implemented, nor whatever else such rude phrasal insinuates. I believe that you rather unnecessarily underestimate my quite normal common sense and instead consider me severely socially inept without good rationale to.

The developers have indeed demonstrated that this is of no interest currently, solely due to lack of manpower as you state, yet were not bothered by me attempting to implement this myself nor merely request for them to. The summary response of the most active developer of that thread stated such.

Let’s remain courteous, not for the sake of my fragile ego, but merely for the obvious advantages gained by it.

I have no intention of starting a fight, I mostly wanted to temper your expectations since I don’t see any indication of this happening any time soon.

But, I actually do consider the wording pushing for something in the context of FOSS software to be a bit rude, since you are often dealing with people who are doing it in their free time.
I’ve had a look at the issue before and it didn’t come out that way on GitLab, that’s just how I read that sentence you posted here.

I genuinely would encourage you to tackle this yourself if you need it, but you might want to think about LOS and bundled GApps as the better starting point. Several people on this forum have already tried similar things in the past and probably would welcome any help they can get.


Yeah, you’re correct, @hirnsushi. It’s not a bad suggestion, provided the current lacklustre state of official OS support by Fairphone. Thanks for it.

Has LOS been “officially” (I realize that support is ultimately provided by what appear to be random people that are merely wonderful enough to maintain it for a certain device, so “official” is a somewhat useless designation) provided for the FP4? Somebody posted last year a definitely unofficial and unmaintained fork with basic hardware support, but I’ve heard no more than that.

(I’ve been doing Basic Training for a while, so I haven’t had time to catch up. I suppose that that explains why I was being combative. …That was all just so I could use that pun, I must admit, ‘though I’m not lying.)

aurora store
own firewall implementation iode blocker
ih8sn pass safetynet
locked bootloader

Yes, if this here is official enough:


Indeed, that is. Thanks a lot.

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Android 12 seems to arrive tomorrow. :tada:


There is a whole official thread now, even with a smaaaall teaser regarding Android 13:


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