Android 11 disable quick settings when locked

Is it possible to disable the quick settings (pull-down) menu when the phone is locked?
I cannot find this setting anywhere, and I would like to disable it.
As it is now, it is possible for someone to e.g. turn on airplane mode even when the phone is locked, which would make it more difficult to recover your phone when lost/stolen.

Thanks for any info.

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A ‘thief’ or someone who does not intend to return the phone can do a factory reset anyway.

Sure, or they could take the battery out, all these things are possible. But doing a factory reset or taking the battery out arguably required more knowledge about the phone than just swiping down and turning on airplane mode.

A burglar could smash in your window to enter your home, but I assume you still close/lock the door when you go out, right?

You can move the icon out of the top six where it can’t be accessed.

Just switching the phone off and or removing the battery to start with, so I can’t quite see such a person bothering with Aeroplane mode.

I’m pretty sure someone who intends to keep or sell a lost or stolen phone will have no problem holding down the power and low volume button to do a recovery.

Thanks for the suggestion. I had already tried this, but unfortunately the swipe function is also accessicle when the phone is locked. Only completely removing it from the quick setting (such that you would have the press the pencil icon to re-add it) requires unlocking the phone.

OH! you still want quick access and want to keep it in the top six.

Actually, since Lollipop this won’t really help them. It would still require the user to login using the Google account that was used prior to the reset. This is due to Factory Reset Protection. Stealing modern phones usually does not pay off nowadays (unless you manage to find some exploit like RootJunky).


Ooh! I didn’t use a Google account.

No, not necessarily, I could live with airplane mode, wifi, mobile data, etc. not being in the top six. I’m just saying that the items that are not in the top six are also accessible when the phone is locked.

Yes but you can put ones in there that don’t really do anything that would compromise the phone.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dark Theme, Mobile data, Battery Saver, Night Light etc

I’m confused. Wi-fi and mobile data are exactly the things I would not want to be accessible when the phone is locked. On the other hand I would still like to be able to access them using the Quick Settings when the phone is unlocked. This is exactly the issue.

This functionality exists on other android phones (Samsung), and also on iOS.

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maybe you want to #contactsupport with this feature request.


Yes what is convenient for you is also convenient for others, :frowning:

Thanks, I just did this.

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This is the thing you want:

Lock network and security


Thank you, this looks great. But is this available on Android 11 Fairphones? I cannot find this setting.

No it doesn’t seem to be, but I’ve put a ‘Feature Request’ on the Beta group for updates to A11

All the best


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