Shortcut torchLight on locked screen

I feel your pain. I was used to Motorola gestures (chop-chop for flashlight and double-twist for camera) and there is simply no app that would realiably mimic it on other phones. If you want anything faster, you can try Tap, Tap (double-tap gesture on the back of your phone), but from my experience it’s not that reliable and I’ve even experienced ghosting. Alternatively you can use Automate and toggle the flashlight using the accessibility button (press both volume keys simultaneously), for example using this flow.

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On my FP3, I had /e/OS for the last five months of usage, and that had an option to turn on torch by long pressing the power button while the screen was locked. Very nifty feature and easy to get used to. I haven’t found this option on my FP4, though.

… as it’s a feature of /e/OS.
It’s also working on my Murena FP4.

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Hi @filsdepub

Just to add: As it’s a feature for the Murena FP4 maybe it’s not too much work for Fairphone to add this. Maybe you would like to contact them to see if they can accommodate this addition?

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Lineage as base also for e/OS has so many great features, not sure if such is really easy to implement when Google needs to certify :person_shrugging:

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Hi @amoun

Thank you for your advice but I already displayed my phone like yours. I just find useless the telephone shortcut because I always need to tap my pin code to phone whereas torchlight don’t need.

If the torchlight is in the quick menu, you shouldn’t have to enter your pin. Even when locked you can just pull down the menu and operate the torch.

Similar to the opposite in this post where the desire was not to have the quick menu shortcuts work whilst locked


Thank you @amoun , I didn’t notice this detail.
Still a bit less useful than the telephone shortcut but better than I used to do until now.


i had the same problem, i came from Samsung phones where you can place actions on the on/off button. (like 2 tabs for cam, light, etc.)
Or edit the Lockscreen apps.
I use the 3. party app “Power Button Flashlight” to use the light without pin etc.
I just triple tap my on/off button. It’s not 100% accurate, and you may need to pay 99 ct. but it’s absolutely okay for me. You can also use the volume buttons for that.
There are also other working 3. party apps.

Hmm! seems a pain when you can just drawn down the quick menu and do a single tap :smile: Plus it adds wear to the hardware button :thinking:

I requested the feature of turning on the flashlight by long pressing the power button when the screen is off. They liked the idea, but wouldn’t be a priority to implement. The lockscreen shortcuts don’t work for me. I trigger the Assistent 9 out of 10 times.

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Just checking, you don’t mean those that are available from the drop down menu: do you?

No I mean those on the lockscreen, you have to swipe up to use those. Which is the same gesture as the Assistant.

I’ll enable the assistant to play with. :slight_smile:
Where’s the Assistant?
FP3 A11 ??
OH! maybe it’s a Google thing I’ve removed via adb ??

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  • triple tap without unlock your phone or anything.
    I like that more than looking and touching around on the screen, it makes it more like a classic flashlight.
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I agree it’s simple and you don’t need to see what you are doing, definetly the option for the blind. But I’m more concerned with using the manual switches.

The switches are part of the core module not user replacable and replacing that is not cheap.

core module repair FP4
Description Key components Model *Material + repair and shipping costs ex. VAT Total (incl. VAT)*
Core PCBA: Motherboard and daughterboard housing SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G (SM7225), SIM card slot, SD card slot, microphones 1, 2 and 3, ambient light sensor, color sensor, proximity sensor, fingerprint sensor, volume buttons, power button, midframe. FP4 to be published to be published
core module repair FP3
Description Key components Model *Material + repair and shipping costs ex. VAT Total (incl. VAT)*
Core Module Motherboard housing SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 632, SIM cards slots, SD card slot FP3/ FP3+ € 174.92 € 209.90

It would be interesting if Fairphone provided information on how many clicks the physical buttons are rated for. But majority of users use the power button to wake up the device anyway (multiple times a day), so I doubt that using it occasionally as a flashlight toggle would dramatically shorten its life.


Using a FP2 since 5.5 years which has not fingerprint reader and only the power button to wake up I have not heard about power buttons wearing out constantly. Also for the FP3 which has a not very good working fingerprint sensor, so I assume still a lot use of the power button I have not heard about issues, so I really doubt that this would be an issue for the FP4. Is it not required to push the power button to unlock the phone, so even a good working fingerprint sensor would not prevent a lot of use…


Hm, I think those buttons will last long enough, even if I press it about 6 times more often per day.
And you could also place it on the volume buttons. The App I’m using also allows a 3 tap combination of them. Like +± or -± etc.
But I don’t know how easy they are replaceable. At least they are less important.


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