Android 10 upgrade - Random reboots

I’ve been seeing a lot of reboots since updating too. They seem to happen when I’m stressing the system, flipping between lots of different apps etc but I haven’t found a pattern yet. At least the boot time seems improved following the update!

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Yes, the boot time is very good now.

Had no reboots since 2 days now.

Just had a reboot while my phone was sitting in my pocket, so that disproves the theory about it being triggered by heavy use.

I’ve also had about one reboot a day ever since the Android 10 update. Until now it always happened while using the browser (Firefox), but today the phone had rebooted in my pocket.

As so many people are having this problem right after an update, it doesn’t sound like something related to loose hardware. If fairphone devs are reading this, I’d like to know if the root cause has already been found. If not, I can try to provide some help (e.g. system logs, testing) if you tell me where to look / what to do. I’m a dev myself, so using e.g. adb is not a problem.

It’d be interesting to know if the reboots persist after having now deintegrated the SD card.

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Same problem. unbelievable!

Good thinking, I’ll keep an eye on things

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Tightened the screws this morning (after having coffee, just to make sure :+1:).

Yet, I’ve had 3-4 reboots today, all of them with the phone just lying around in idle mode.
(The phone sometimes also doesn’t wake up when trying to unlock - from time to time this ends up with a reboot as well.)

Becoming a bit frustrated here :confused: (after having lived with an unstable FP2 for several years already…).


A year ago, I oder 2 Fairpone 3.
One for using, one as spare part.
Since the Android 10 upgrade, the “using” FP3 restarts from self 1-6 times a day.
Set the FP3 as recommendet to factory defaults, afterwards “install” the APP’s from APP store.
The FP3 restarts from self 1-6 times a day.

Take this morning the “spare” FP3, upgrade it to Android 10.
“install” the APP’s from APP store. And the FP3 restarts from self until now 4 times.

I think there is a challenge by the new Android 10 on FP3 classic.

I think first, the “using” FP3 can have a hardware problem.
But the until now not used (stored in the originaly box) “spare” FP3 has the exact same trouble.

Well, I think I have to reactivate my “old” Sony until the trouble by FP are solved.

Greets Martin

as on call it is important to have a working (not self rebooting) phone

Adding to the conversation that I also have a Fairphone 3 which has been rebooting at random since the Android 10 update. Very unlikely to be hardware issue as it will occur even if the phone was lying still on the desk for more than an hour. No reboot troubles prior to this. Ive had software problems with the sound on the Fairphone 3 also.

Any word from the Devs on this?


I’ve had 3 reboots already this morning (including one while typing this message) so it looks unrelated to the SD card

I’m very sorry to hear that! Anyway, thanks for the feedback!

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I have an FP3 with stock FPOS and a sizeable number of third party apps. No reboots with Android 9 and no reboots with Android 10.

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Happy to provide logs to help diagnose this, if anyone from the dev team is reading!

Dev team? Fairphone has outsourced the OS development to its contract manufacturer in China.

Ah I didn’t know that. Thanks.


I submitted a support request (with a link to this thread).
On the one hand to ask them for support. On the other hand to ensure that Fairphone is aware that some users experience stability issues.


Another FP3 user with random reboot issues, 4-10 times a day now. It seems to be more frequent when being more used, as it only happened once during the weekend when I was in the mountains with poor signal and barely took out the phone.

Particularly Firefox (main browser), RedReader for reddit use and Materialistic for hackernews, seems to make it reboot more often.

Edit: Oh, and prior to Android 10 this never happened (unlike on the FP2…)