Android 10 update

Hello everyone

Is there any update or new information about when we will receive the new Android 10 Update for our Fairphone 3?

All the monthly security updates are always very on time, but when will we get the new software?

dear regards Philemon


I haven’t heard anything about that so far, so I guess it’s at least two months, but more realisticly I wouldn’t expect it before June



you will find the latest answer to this question from Fairphone reading on here.


Is that just a guess or did Fairphone say more in the meantime than where @Patrick1 linked to?

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It’s just a guess. But despite the fact that FP wasn’t quick with software upgrades for the FP2, it’s completely irrelevant since there are monthly security updates.


In the meantime, a few months have passed… :wink:
Is there some news concerning »android 10« on the fairphone 3?
(I received mine some days ago and want to set it up.)


I’m also very interested in an Android 10 release :slight_smile:
But, as far as I know, there are no new updates.

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As much as I love dark mode, as far as I know you’d need an OLED screen (rather than the LCD screen in the FP3) for dark mode to have an effect on power use.


Welcome to the community forum.

This is a community forum, not the company. Fairphone staff might read along and engage here occasionally, or not.

Now that we the community know what you want, you could let Fairphone know directly to make sure they get the message …

And if you’re so desparate as you make it sound, you can already activate dark mode in many Apps and launchers. Choose your Apps and your launcher wisely then until Android 10 might arrive :wink: .


With Android 11 coming this summer, don’t you think they’ll jump directly from Android 9 to 11?
That would be something new :laughing:


This is not true, at least not for any Fairphone. Dark mode is only able to save power on OLED displays that turn individual pixels off when they’re black. The FP3 however has a normal LCD screen, the only way to save power here is to lower the display brightness. I would suggest turning off auto brightness since it’s almost always way to bright and to adjust the brightness to the minimum value that works in your current environment.

Moreover, this is super insignificant. Skipping a steak just once every ten years would probably have the same positive environmental impact.


Yes but not enough. You can’t activate dark mode in even in Gmail on Android 9… Not even Gmail! We should list all of the google apps which have dark mode in Android 9 I bet it is very few…

Thats why I said you should choose your Apps wisely if you’re so desparate :wink: .


Well in truth, you said it was possible to activate dark mode in “many apps” but that isn’t true :crazy_face:

By the way, a dark theme on this forum would be nice.

You said it wasn’t true for many Google Apps. That doesn’t contradict what I said.
See if I care about Google Apps, using them is a choice :wink: .

But I’ll stop the teasing for now, because I guess we can agree on the Android 10 way to do Dark Mode being much better than leaving it to every individual App.

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I am also eagerly waiting for the update to Android 10 - especially since making the switch should not be much of an effort for the company that Fairphone has outsourced the OS development to.


You can use K-9 mail instead of the gmail app. It has a dark mode and allows you to install a gmail account.
You can also have a gmail account and a dark mode with FairEmail.

You can find many apps to use instead of the mainstream ones and they often offer more flexibility. Like @AnotherElk, I would advise you to try out different apps while waiting for a dark theme for the whole system.

Try Fennec for webbrowser. There are extensions for dark mode.
Fennec F-Droid is based on the latest Firefox release. It’s focused on removing any proprietary bits found in official Mozilla’s builds. There might still be some binaries left and the app (or some builds) might get removed or re-pushed anytime.

I thought this post was about getting Android 10 onto our FP3 phones, not which apps support dark mode on the current OS.

I would like Android 10 not primarily for the system-wide dark mode, but simply because it is a further refined release of the system and platform.


And soon you will ask for Android 11 :wink: