Android 10: Reboot restores audio recording capabilities

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I’m not entirely certain yet, but I think my mic stops working once I pair to a Bluetooth device, specifically my Bluetooth headphones. I’m not saying it stops working while paired to my device, but after. So I pair to my Bluetooth headphones, and then take them out, turn off Bluetooth, but my mic no longer works until I restart my phone. I think that may be where the issue lies. Anybody else notice this?


I have the same problem. Mic stops working sometimes (notice it for WhatsApp audio messages for example) until I restart the phone.

And most people I had calls with are mentioning that they understand me much worse on calls since I have my new FP3+.

Are there any solutions for it?

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Yes, the same here. Stopps working after bluetooth connection resp. disconnecting with an arctis 3 headset… Can be solved with a reboot.

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The WhatsApp audio messages are actually what upset me most because a couple of times I’ve left messages over a minute long to find out they can’t hear a thing. Now I always send a second or two message of me making noise to make sure it works before sending a full message

On my phone, After calling (it doesn’t matter if it’s a real phone call or any kind of Call that android notices as communication so everything from WhatsApp calls, Zoom Meetings, all the way to just chatting on Discord) my microphone isn’t working.
And during real phone cards somehow it’s random if the call works or not. Even if I have best 4G connection (something my FP3 calls 4G+) I often can’t hear the other person and the other person can’t hear me. It doesn’t matter if they’re calling or I’m calling.

Can’t find exactly in which topic it has been discussed (this one perhaps?), but suggested workarounds were disabling wifi calling or enhanced LTE mode.
A suggested workaround is to disable “Enhanced LTE mode”.

After a while that the phone is on, if I try to record audio (via different apps, Telegram or Audio Record, or Messenger), there is no sound recorded in the output file.
A reboot fixes the issue so it must be a software issue.

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I moved your post here as there was already a topic about this issue.

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I have already disabled the Enhanced LTE mode, so it can’t be that …

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Hi there!
I’m finding an odd issue with my FP3. The mic suddenly stop working. I notice it because my google assistant doesn’t hear nothing when I request something using the voice commands or when I record a WhatsApp audio note and it’s recorded empty. Restarting the phone fixed the issue. Does anybody have the same issue? Any solution in the forum? I’m thinking about contacting support but they’re really busy and maybe someone in the forum knows how to fix it.
Thank you!

Hi there,
I moved your post here, so long no solution found.


Hej all, anyone else having issues with blank/silent audio messages? It started in the last month or so. Sometimes audio messages by text, or FB, or whatsapp fail, until I restart. The recording UI seems to work, and I can send what looks like a few minutes of recorded audio, but the playback is silent. Completely, no white noise, no low sound (like an earlier issue I had with calls).

I have not yet tested whether this is the case with headphones or without. It’s intermittent.


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I’ve moved your post as it seems to be the same problem discussed in here.

It seems no solution has been found except rebooting yet, meanwhile Fairphone staff is working on an update to fix a lot of issues.


I got a brand new FP3 in September. From the word go the microphone has been giving problems, sending blank (no background noise at all) voicenotes (fixable with reboot), intermittent issues with speaker on calls (can’t hear, others can sometimes hear me), switching off all of a sudden. It got worse and worse (switched off 5 times in one day), so I did a hard reset: it is better than at its worst, but still problematic. I’ve reported it twice, but haven’t had any feedback. I’m SO disappointed: I was so excited about this phone, but it has seriously hampered even the smallest tasks (I use voice-notes A LOT)…I thought there was a problem with my phone specifically, but it seems this might have happened to everyone around the same time.
Is anyone else having phone switching off issues? Or disturbances other than microphone on voicenotes? Just trying to troubleshoot whether I wait for the same fixes that are being worked on, or whether I need to get a replacement phone/module.

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Have a look here : No sound 50+% of the time in calls, until reboot - #174 by Bas_tien
That concerns the problem where there’s no sound during phone calls.

There’s also that topic : Group action against Fairphone for dishonest support on Fairphone 3
Where I hope gather information about forcing Fairphone to respect the consumer law and provide a honest support


I noticed that my microphone stops working for audio and video recordings after I have used my FP3 in my car. Problem can be solved by restarting the phone, but it is very annoying. Is there any way to fix this problem in the settings?

As this topic is about Android 10, are you still on Android 10?

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No, my mistake. I will post it in an Android 11 topic. Thanks for the feedback.

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