Android 10: Reboot restores audio recording capabilities

As I noticed now, audio recording seems to be completley disabled since the Android 10 update. The only thing still working seems to be audio in phonecalls. But the sound in recorded videos is silent, and several audio recording apps don’t work anymore. I’ve heard of a new “security feature” in Android 10 or another way audio recording is handeled, but this looks like a real bug to me.

It used to work fine in Android 9, and the microphone persmissions are set. I’ve already sent a bug report to the support.

And funny, I just fixed it with a reboot, like a lot of problems so far. But that was the worst so far, and I wonder if it keeps working.

Yes, I had the some problem and I could solve It after rebooting

I’ve changed the camera’s for the upgrades and they work well.

I can use the camera’s for video chatting no problem. (So the mic works)

But when i want to record a video or specific sound the mic pics up nothing.

Has anyone else had this bug?

I also do. It seems to appear at some times but a reboot seems to solve the problem indeed.

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I moved the two last posts here to avoid duplicates, as mentioned by @Antoine.

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I’m not entirely certain yet, but I think my mic stops working once I pair to a Bluetooth device, specifically my Bluetooth headphones. I’m not saying it stops working while paired to my device, but after. So I pair to my Bluetooth headphones, and then take them out, turn off Bluetooth, but my mic no longer works until I restart my phone. I think that may be where the issue lies. Anybody else notice this?


I have the same problem. Mic stops working sometimes (notice it for WhatsApp audio messages for example) until I restart the phone.

And most people I had calls with are mentioning that they understand me much worse on calls since I have my new FP3+.

Are there any solutions for it?

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Yes, the same here. Stopps working after bluetooth connection resp. disconnecting with an arctis 3 headset… Can be solved with a reboot.

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The WhatsApp audio messages are actually what upset me most because a couple of times I’ve left messages over a minute long to find out they can’t hear a thing. Now I always send a second or two message of me making noise to make sure it works before sending a full message