Android 10 or Android 11 for the FP3


Currently I am using the FOS as standard A10 ~ 0132

This is just a starter as I have read about some differences in the A11 that may not suit everyone so I’d like to get some ideas of what they are and experience of anyone who uses A11


I also remember and still see problems with with the A10 rollout so am in no hurry to adopt A11

As soon as Android 11 will be released for the FP3(+), there will be no updates for Android 10 anymore. So for a security aware user, there won’t be any way to come around the update.


One notable issue in the A11 is the lack of ability to hide the network name.

A more or less cosmetic problem, as the FP3 has no notch. And it’s not an Android 11 feature, but a decision of Fairphone as other phones hide the provider name by default.


I’m quite conviced by the time there is Android 11 for the FP3 the network name problem is fixed. For both models I’m sure.


Yes, I hope so. In my opinion hiding the provider name is essential, as it wastes precious space in the status bar.


Looks like the fix is already there for the FP4


Just a link to an issue reported with Android 11

That’s not an issue or bug, but just a modified user interface. And with Android 12, there are some changes again.

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Yes I didn’t see it as a fault just a different UI that may be uncomfortable for some. But as previously mentioned, once A11 is rolled out there may be little option but to use it or go for a rogue rom :slight_smile: Still intend to keep the default whilst warranty is valid plus I don’t really see much problem with no google account and a load of aps removed via adb

Android 11 has a lot of changes for good, but as we approach release some minor changes are starting to come to light that some users won’t be very happy with. Starting in Android 11, for instance, users won’t be able to select a default camera app in certain scenarios.
Android 11 makes changes to default camera apps - 9to5Google