Android Updates for FP2 and FP3


Hi everyone :sunflower:,

I’d like to share some happy news with you all. We’re really excited to announce that our 6-year-old Fairphone 2 is being upgraded to Android 10 – that’s 7 years of software support. An industry first for Android devices! :tada:

We’re pleased to be able to provide our Fairphone 2 community with yet another software upgrade, reaching our goal to provide at least five years of support from launch for our phones and with the Android 10 upgrade, we’re going beyond that to seven years of support.

A big shout out to the Open Source community who we collaborated with to build the operating system. Without their support this would never have been possible. :star2:

Read more on Fairphone and Open Source here.

Beta testing of Android 10 for Fairphone 2 starts this week, with the aim to be publicly available in early 2022.

To mark the occasion and to make your Fairphone 2 last even longer, a reminder for our Fairphone 2 users that we’re still offering a Fairphone 2 slim case in a color of your choice for just €1 and shipping costs.

To redeem your Fairphone 2 slim case, simply copy the discount code (below) and place your order. At the Checkout page, click on Enter Discount Code, paste the code and hit Apply.

Discount Code: FPX7NL
(T&C’s apply)

But the good news doesn’t end there – for Fairphone 3 and 3+ users, today also marks a special day because beta testing for Android 11 starts this week with the aim to be publicly available in early 2022 too.

Having an Fairphone 3 beta testing program has previously been requested by the community and taking your advice, we are in the final stages of putting this in place. There are a few more spots open, but we’ll share more info in the coming days. We’ve even gone a step further and created a Fairphone 4 beta testing program with a small group from our TL4’s and Angels too.

That said, to celebrate the Fairphone 3 and the start of beta testing, we would also like to offer our Fairphone 3 and 3+ users their choice of a protective case in any color for just €10 and shipping costs.

Discount Code: FP3PC29BBG
(T&C’s apply)

Thanks to you all for being our biggest supporters and keeping us sharp throughout the years. :blue_heart:


What would be nice is an easy way of returning to A10 if A11 is not appealing to anyone, but thanks for the work.

I’m very wary about upgrading, maybe there could be some info on any changes ~ though no doubt I can read about such on many websites. Subsequently I have created a new topic to explore concerns.

Further can you confirm once you have released A11 for the FP3 there will be no more security updates for the A10

It has been like that in the past for both the FP2 and the FP3 and from what I gather it’s industry standard with basically all other manufacturers, too.

The only exception I’m aware of is the /e/ project who support more than one Android version for some of the supported devices.



Ex - cellent news! :+1:

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As long as they don’t get OTA upgrades to a new major Android version without data loss going for all supported devices.
Ok … they will still have to do it this way for a long time then :slight_smile: .

Bumping this because this deserves more attention. I think there are so many significant announcements in Rae’s post up there that somehow it almost feels like an overload of good news paralyzed forum members.

I hope the specific FP3 beta test program post will come soon.

Oh, and I already went for a blue case last night. :slight_smile:


So, did you (or other persons) receive by mail the code announced in the T&Cs? I bought a FP3 via Fairphone website when it was launched, and I think I’m suscribed to the newsletter… but I changed my mail address some time ago (after the purchase), so maybe I deleted my previous suscription and made a new one, and now maybe they’re no correctly associated, because I didn’t receive anything for now.

I’d be interested in getting that mail to get a protective case discount :grin:

I didn’t get the mail either, but I strongly suspect it might still come in the coming days. However, you can find the code right away in Rae’s original post at the top. :wink:


I love this company!


Oh, true! Sorry, I read it quickly and I understand the Rae’s first post badly :sweat_smile:. Thank you very much for answering and clarify that! :slight_smile:

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@formerFP.Com.Manager I have a gently big question for you: I hope that the same care reserved to the FP2 during these 7 years will be taken as well to the FP3. Personally I don’t care if we’re going to take A11 when Google released A12 in Sep 2021, but I wish I could enjoy A13/14 after 3/4 years like some FP2 could enjoy A10 after 7 years.

Hoping to be clear … Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Such great news ! It’s amazing than you guys managed to do that when so many big companies don’t bother to do so. I hope I’ll keep my FP2 for many more years :slight_smile:
btw : Screenshot-20211125103937-378x58

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For me it seems to work.


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Is the beta program accessible for FP3?


Not yet, but stay tuned :slight_smile:


As a fp2 and now fp3 user, I would happily test those betas :slight_smile:


You can already sign up for the FP2 beta if you want. Instructions here: Fairphone 2 beta program signup instructions


I love this company! I use my Fairphone 3 since launch and will not miss it. Also bought the new Wireless Ear Buds and must also say that it has a very good sound and works like a charm.

Love it!