Android 10 and 11 updates

Hello! I just want to discuss about the future of the Fairphone 3. I am a bit concerned about it getting OS updates, Android 9 is fine but Android 10 and 11 refines the expirience more. For example in Android 10 we have the full dark mode theme and the gestures, and I have heard Android 11 will give users wireless Android Auto besides other changes. I know for some companies it is a bit hard to get updates for some years, but if this phone or the next iterations want to survive over time it needs to get system updates.


Fairphone promised at least one major OS update. It will come, this I think you can be sure, Fairphone proved they could do it with the FP2. As for when, no idea. I think you will have to be a minimum patient. Perhaps you will get android 10 only when 12 comes out.
My personal estimation would be that the beta phase of android 10 for FP3 will come under three to six months (Disclaimer: This is only my personal opinion).


Well… I know this phone doesn’t characterized by being the pinacle of Android base smartphones, but I am quite disappointed as I think they could be a little bit faster, I know it isn’t easy but waiting until Android 12 to get Android 10 on your phone… for me this makes having the Fairphone 3 for 4 to 5 years feeling that I had it for 8 years at least, if that makes sense.

I said “perhaps”. My personal estimations are not those of Fairphone. Who knows, they may announce in three days that the beta phase of android 10 for FP3 has started. Moreover, I am probably very ignorant about how often major android updates come out.
Android 11 is still in beta phase by the way. So Fairphone is not so much late.


Yeah of course, I was just writing about the “hypothesis” you told me. I hope this phone could get Android 10 as soon as posible and if it gets Android 11 whenever it can be it would be perfect, I don’t mind being one version begind, but when they start to stack up it feels kind of boring, if I said it as intended. I really like the ideas begind this smartphone and seeing it supported by Anroid for at least two full versions each generation would be amazing.

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I respectfully disagree. Since the FP3 uses pretty standard hardware components and the SoC is still officially supported, moving FPOS (which is really close to stock) to an Android 10 base should not require a lengthy beta test.

And frankly, I think they could long have commissioned the update from their manufacturing partner.

Any comment on this, @rae?

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Ok, you are probably right. That’s why I was saying it was only my personal opinion, and it may be completely wrong.

Well, there is a bit more hardware, than just the SoC to take into consideration. And those parts have to interact smoothly.
I have my sincere doubts, that developing (or adjusting) an OS for a phone is that easy. Otherwise they sure would have done so already. (At least I do hope so.)
Even the integration of a new camera module for the FP2 did not come that easy.

Fairphone is not about being the first in line and having all the latest apps and tools.
That is reserved for the high-end phones. And right now, the FP2 is running quite smooth on Android 7 (mine even on Android 6).
If it really is important for you to have the dark mode, gestures and whatnot, you most likely will be disappointed by a Fairphone.
If your priority is to do a tiny bit to “make the world a better place” (I know, it’s a boring phrase) for miners, workers and the environment, then the Fairphone is for you. Just keep in mind, that you are not dealing with a global player, but a still small manufacturer. This might come with one or the other disappointment (like delayed security updates …), that can be hard to understand (especially when not explained).
Maybe the 27th August will be something for you to look forward to, to find out, if Fairphone is “your company”?


I’m no developer, but I thought project treble should make updates far easier for companies, right?

It’s easier but it’s still not an immediate, easy thing to do.

I’m quite confident Android 10 is coming this year for our Fairphone 3 :wink:
I don’t think the announcement on the 27th is related though.

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Yes, but not really in Fairphone’s case.
Project Treble allows companies to update their OS version independently from the lower level code, the code that chipset makers provide. So when a new android version comes out, it allows phone manufacturers to speed up the process of upgrading to this new version, since they don’t have to wait for the lower level code.
But in Fairphone’s case, android 10 is already out, and the lower level code as well. They just have to do their part of the job, i.e adapting FPOS to android 10. Though that can take some time.

(@others Please complete my explanation if I’m not completely right)


I don’t remember where, but I read that Android 10 definitely comes to FP3 this year.

I said that already, I know the type of company Fairphone is, I know what kind of smartphone a Fairphone is… and I understand it and support it, that’s why I am here asking about it. I am the kind of person that likes technology and would like to have the latest hardware and software, but I know I am not at the right place for that. Is it still quite disappointing for me? Yes, but I like all of this besides that. Yeah, maybe I will end having a high-end smartphone because of what I said, but I really like Fairphone, and I think that if they improve things such as being more “future proof” with, for example, some system updates they could reach to even more people, and that would be amazing for all of us.


Keep in mind that Fairphone isn’t the only sustainable option. If you aren’t satisfied with what the FP3 can provide, consider buying a second-hand phone from sites like They offer refurbished second-hand electronics at a relatively cheap price and also provide at least one year of warranty. I think this could suit your needs better since you could get a high-end phone, and it is much better for the environment than a new one :slight_smile:

Oh, and don’t forget: The most sustainable phone is the one that you already own, so if your current phone still works, try to keep it for as long as possible.


The Android 10 update is apparently scheduled for release on September 7th, according to the announcement of the FP3+:


This announcement shows why one should be patient (specially with Fairphone) and also emphatizes what’s wrong not just in the industry but in the consumerism mindset. Latest and greatest and quickest is not always better, it’s marketing.


But it also shows the need for communication. We were left in the dark about security updates for months without reason.

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Yay, 1 day before becoming outdated :sweat_smile:

Because for Android 11…
“Expected launch date: September 8, 2020”



Oh, c’mon, outdated! Sorry, but I didn’t expect to hear that word anymore in a forum of a OEM company that activelly proves that considered old SoCs are still working fine for the majority of users. I’m sure most of the “new features” of Android 11 will arrive to Android 10 through Gobble Services, and native ones, if any, won’t be of any daily importance.

Outdated! When will the consumerism mindset outdate itself!


I was purposefully provocative :smiling_imp: