Am I the only one still waiting for pre-order (Green Speckled) shipment?

I know that there are already a few threads regarding shipment but no one particulary adressing pre order of green speckled FP4.

I received the reply from Fairphone Support that there is an additional delay and that they can help me with cancelling my order and ordering at another place.

The Problem is that those sellers only sell the green or gray one.

I pre ordered on 2nd of october from Germany. I Start thinking that the Special color is not available at all and sooner or later they are going to tell me that my order is therefore cancelled.

Has anyone received the green speckled FP4 in the last few weeks or aren’t there any left at all?

I too preordered the speckled green one and I got mine at 8th of december.
you can order the green one and by the speckled back in the fairphone store as a replacement. costs in sum more but if you are tired of waiting…


Thank You very much for the quick response.
I was really looking forward to have the green speckled one. It would be a shame if I had to cancel that order.

May I ask when You have ordered it and to which country it was shipped?

13th of october and it was shipped to austria. First I got the 19th of november as delivery dat but they changed that to 8th of december 2 weeks before shipment. But on the 8th it was delivered.
Can understand your frustration. I was also sad when they rescheduled my delivery. But due to corona there is no fix date at all…

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Here is a thread were more people are reporting which version they ordered when, and when it was shipped. So the speckled one was already delivered several times:


A daughter of mine has ordered on 24th Dec last and was told there was a 12 week delay. Let’s see how that works out.

There are discussions about the (Green speckled) delays, you may have missed.

It seems there was a reduced amount made and so they are slower to mnaterislise for end users.

As mentioned you can buy a (Green) one and the extra cover if you are desperate to get one soon.

Maybe today you’ll get some cheerfull news

All the best

Oh! I added (Green Speckled) to the title as you were so specific :slight_smile:

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