Am I mistaken or are complaints decreasing? :)

It does seem quieter on the forum in recent days. Hopefully Fairphone are busy correcting the minor cosmetic bugs from the bug list now! Showing notifications on the lockscreen and getting rid of the ‘customise’ notice in settings shouldn’t take them long!


Several possibilities and no way to know which one is true (or which combination is) :

  • the updates corrected the bugs
  • people accept the left bugs since they learnt how to live with them
  • the most unhappy stopped using a FP3

Sure, complaints decrease since calls are not longer buggy (no / bad audio in calls, reboots in calls, etc.).

But there are still bugs like the low audio in video calls for several apps. And cosmetic issues (clock-space-bugs, settings suggestions, etc.).

So most people are waiting for an update to fix this, I would say. Since these are still things to be annoyed about (especially if you can not use your phone for video calls).
But of course, things are getting better slowly with every update.

people accept the left bugs since they learnt how to live with them
-the most unhappy stopped using a FP3

Let’s wait and see when Fairphone publishes stats again.
The Android 10 disaster may also have deterred many new customers.

I have my FP 3 since August 2020. There was a small bug in the initial firmware version which kept the phone from connecting to my car audio system via blutooth, but this bug was fixed soon. Since that, there wasn’t anything to complain about. I even carried the phone in a bicycle bag for hours this winter at less than 0° C - no problem.
Of course I followed this forum and found a lot of complains, but I never experienced any of the mentioned malfunctions.


It isn’t a disaster for me. The biggest issue I had with Fairphone 3 is updating firmware with Vodafone NL SIM.


I learned to live with the bug that the phone often doesn’t recognize the home wifi and I have to restart again and again

Maybe You should get a new home wifi. I’d be pissed tbh

You may like to try ensuring that either a) the wifi and phone are set to 5GHz or b) ensure bluetooth is off as bluetooth uses 2.4G and there can be conflits and interruptions with wifi on 2.4GHz


Don’t know about FP3 nor the exact symptoms of your poor WiFi connection, but with FP2 it is sometimes solved by switching off mobile data (4G).


I had the calling bug but since the update earlier this month the phone works perfectly. I don’t use Whatsapp but apps like Signal and Telegram and don’t have an issue with either of those.


It’s interesting and I do not think so you are missing anything.

I had several issues as well at the end of last year, which were resolved 1 or some updates later (microfone is working properly now, images are shown in telegram). Now I love my Fairphone 3!


It could also be because we are kind of giving up - I got my FP3+ in mid september and still i am not able to do phone call without using a headset (the moufled sound issue that should be fixed in the next release). If they finally get that fixed - then i will have a phone that can do the bare fundamentals. Then there is all the other errors.

  1. Spotify randomly stops - by stops i mean pauses the music (where as youtube music works perfect)
  2. The phone still reboots randomly during a week (before version 77 - that was daily or worse) and if it does not reboot, i have to reboot it because something else acts strange
  3. Quite a few issues in the gui - especially the “add another email account” in settings is annoning - most of all because it seams to a very simple error to fix (but after half a year still not fixed)

Fairphone is a very good idea, but the product is anything but very good (in my oppinion)

And yes i have had a long running support case (with the responce time its hard not to be long running) - The only possitive thing i can think about regarding support - is that they are very polite in their communication (and that must not always be easy).

I am looking for a new phone - it will not be a Fairphone

That’s my experience as well. Very happy :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of that proposed fix?

and yes there is the issue that I’m about to give up on a support query, as politeness not only doesn’t fix things but cultivates a false sense of being helpful :frowning:

But my next phone, unless there’s a more ethical option will be another Fairphone. I’m not a card carrying masochist but I can take a bit more of the weight :slight_smile:


The proposed fix - i read about it here

I thought long about what to write about the support (i assume the individuals working there are trying their best) so only mentioned the possitive.

An ethical and working option would be my priority, but if can only chose one - its either working or none at all. Whats the point of having a non-functional ethical phone. (and yes i know i am exaggerating, but just to make a point)

Thanks for the tip but that trick doesn’t work. Setting the router on 5 Ghz and block 2,4 Ghz works well.

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Thanks Amoun, that was the right tip. If I blocked the 2.4 Ghz on the router all works well, beside on old desktop that refuses to work with 5 GHz but that can be fixed. Disconnect bluetooth , which I tried first, doesn’t solved the problem.


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