Am I mistaken or are complaints decreasing? :)

I haven’t heard of that proposed fix?

and yes there is the issue that I’m about to give up on a support query, as politeness not only doesn’t fix things but cultivates a false sense of being helpful :frowning:

But my next phone, unless there’s a more ethical option will be another Fairphone. I’m not a card carrying masochist but I can take a bit more of the weight :slight_smile:


The proposed fix - i read about it here

I thought long about what to write about the support (i assume the individuals working there are trying their best) so only mentioned the possitive.

An ethical and working option would be my priority, but if can only chose one - its either working or none at all. Whats the point of having a non-functional ethical phone. (and yes i know i am exaggerating, but just to make a point)

Thanks for the tip but that trick doesn’t work. Setting the router on 5 Ghz and block 2,4 Ghz works well.

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Thanks Amoun, that was the right tip. If I blocked the 2.4 Ghz on the router all works well, beside on old desktop that refuses to work with 5 GHz but that can be fixed. Disconnect bluetooth , which I tried first, doesn’t solved the problem.


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