Alternative uses of the Community Fairphone

hi, I’m andi and i’m working in an ngo that’s doing education for sustainable development. in our “um-welthaus” located in Aalen, Germany (between Stuttgart and Nürnberg) and we’re doing a mini exhibition on unfair/fair computers and phones ( ). i would really appreciate to have a fairphone shown in the exhibition, but i don’t own one. i also contacted the german fairphone pr/press agency, but they say, they don’t have anything. @urs_lesse just commented on my question in the stuttgart fairphoners’ thread, that there’s the community fairphone… that would be great of course! even if it’s just for some days

How long will the exhibition run?
I guess if it’s just for a few days that shouldn’t be a problem.
I currently still have the CFP2, but I’m supposed to send it back to AMS.
@Douwe sent me some postage stamps but they have not arrived yet.

Hey Paul,

The labels have not been send yet. And as there is less then a month left 'till the next Vienna meetup… maybe we should consider leaving it with you.

@woenzl: for exhibitions you can contact us directly to ask for a Fairphone. Please have a look at


hi. thank you. i just tried to use the form. last week i wrote to the muxmäuschenwild agency in germany and, but judith told me, they couldn’t help me much with a dummy or any other exibition-like materials. the exhibition is planned from sept. 19th to oct. 18th, but it also would be okay to have it just for some days…

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