Alternative Apps(tores): Living without Google (FP1)

Thanks, @root and @garmSTRG. I’ll install it later on as well. Seems like an interesting project. Seems this could be an exception to the rule to not use play-store-apps (discussed in this topic). :slight_smile:

Part of this thread discussed how to get apps from Google Play without installing the Play Store or other Google services itself. Using evozi, apk-dl or other websites means that you have to trust that they are not modifying the packages. A better way imho is Raccoon, a program to download APKs directly from Google to a computer from where you can copy them to your phone.


Yep, Raccoon is the way for people that really need an app urgently. @Lidwien: I think this is what you should try for your trip planning app. Best … with a throw away account.

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Do you have to have F-droid? I use VLC on my FP2 and it does not show up on the lockscreen.

Does anyone know if apkpure is trustworthy? Somehow evozi isn’t working a lot of the time…

Try Raccoon. It think it’s pretty much the same thing most of this services run in the background anyway. But the website is also well written so you can learn something about the details as well.

Update/Disclaimer: I see all this as a last resort to download “free” apps someone really needs.

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The best and most secure way to get and app is through the developer’s website. Many developers offers direct download or purchase (in case of commercial apps) of their apps. An example of commercial apps you can buy out of the play store is the very good aqua mail, or sygic navigation.

Moreover in this way you give 100% of your support to the developer and are not forced to pay the obscene 30% google tax.

I would never ever trust any online apk downloader which may temper legit apps including malware and the likes. If you want to go that way, use a pc installed apk downloader like GooglePlayDownloader for linux (which is an open source application and therefore you can trust it’s not doing anything evil).

Lastly, as may already said, F-Droid is an excellent source of free and legit apps.

Remember that going away from Google gave you may advantages, but weakened a bit your mobile phone security. If you know what you’re doing there’ll be no problems, but you must be a bit more careful about what to install and trust.


Google is useful, important to our life. On the other hand, we should think about risks if Google services are down. (Google services go down; Internet panics) Also we should think about privacy.(How to live without Google).

I see your problem was solved in this topic. For completeness sake I will leave the answer, I had written before I found out:

F-Droid is an appstore like Google Play. VLC is a music player you can download from within F-Droid. Or you go to their mirror (be careful with x86 vs arm7!). So F-Droid is not required to use VLC.

Why is this topic in #software:fp1-android-4-2?

There is this other topic for FP2:

I think it’s good to have separate topics for FP1 and FP2 because users face different challenges (FP1 comes Google-free and pre-rooted).

Did anyone ever use this app? It seems very convenient for installing apps from the google play store without the play store itself…

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And do you know if you can download payed app with this?

Or is there any possibilities to get the app I payed on Playstore on FPOSOS/FROGS ?

I don’t think, but it works with Racoon if you bought the app before.

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Amazon are, if anything, even worse than Google, who are at least honest about being evil! But by far the worst company I’ve come across was Apple. They may have cleaned their act up by now but in the early days of Itunes their T&Cs terrified the life out of me and I haven’t touched any Apple programs since. I’m not even certain if this is applicable here. Is Itunes available on Android?:relaxed:

Nope, it’s exclusively for iOS users :wink:

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No, thank God it isn’t!!! I’m so glad I can just plug in my Fairphone to my PC and drag and drop files without installing any additional software!!! :smiley:


Yes, I rather overdid that when I first got my 'phone. I had to add extra memory! :blush:

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Many thanks for all these tipps and hints - very useful! I just installed FP Open OS, and F-Droid and Evozi APK Downloader then are a must! :slight_smile:

I’ve being trying APKPure App as an alternative app store (for free apps only) for a few days. Works well so far, no account needed, it also manages apps updates.