Alternative Apps(tores): Living without Google (FP1)

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Quite interesting read:

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For Evernote, there is Mirakel App in f-droid. It’s actually a task / TODO list app and can synchronize with Taskwarrior and CalDav, but should be quite nicely usable as note app as well.

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Hello, does someone know of an open app that can be used to view Geospatial PDFs/TIFFs? There is an open source “Geospatial Data Abstraction Library” but I’m not sure if someone ever used it to make an application for android. So far, I had no luck finding such software.

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I’ve only seen it recently as Linux program, but I’m not aware about anything similar for Android.

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Really, something for viewing PDFs with geospatial metadata? Which one? Let me know! I think Chrome’s rendering engine could be able to read some of the data. I wonder why other people never looked into this. All the libs for reading/writing the info are out there.

Obviously I was wrong: Reviewing Debians’ unstable distribution searching for geospatial I found rasterio, which most likely has just come recently into the repository and is a tool for investigating geospatial rasters. Nothing like pdf there or I am remembering wrong the description of the program and it cannot be found with ‘geospatial’ (which is unlikely). So, probably I have misseen.

No problem. So far only commercial applications (on Android and iOS) and Acrobat support this feature out of the box. Too bad, it’s a nice feature to bring some GIS/GPS joy to “normal” people.

Free QGIS brings a lot of joy :slight_smile:

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Yes, indeed! And being able to give people a (qgis’ed) exported PDF that is able to show them their current position on a map on their phones makes it even more easier :smile: But right now, there is not a single software I could recommend.

  • Former Liberario has just renamed itself to Transportr. The transition in F-Droid market went smoothly. The new app has got a nice, functional Material design.

I’m only here to report an issue with AdAway and FP1.
After I installed this app my FP1 couldn’t find the satellites, then I uninstalled it and FP1 has resumed to detect the satellites.

Not sure about that. You mean that if you have AdAway installed your GPS stops working, right?

All I know of are some A-GPS/EPO fixes that get download from the net, but at first glimpse these applications do not look that related. And the fixes are not needed. GPS should even work without any network at all. But in the strange ecosystem of old Android versions with old bin blobs a lot is possible. Not sure how do debug this, but interesting.

You install AdAway, GPS stops working, you remove AdAway and GPS works again, correct? Even if you stand at the same place and had a GPS fix before? What GPS applications do to you use to check that? Are those applications web/advertisement related?

You install AdAway, GPS stops working, you remove AdAway and GPS works again, correct?

Correct. I used GPS Status & Toolbox and SatStat.
I left smartphone in the same place (under the glass of an attic window) for many hours (I saw most of the “Shichinin no samurai” :smiley: ) with “tracking GPS active” of OruxMaps.

edit: Ok, now it’s definitely “quite” odd… I reinstalled AdAway and tried to find the satellites (with OruxMaps and SatStat) and it works.
I haven’t words, better go to bed. :slight_smile:

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Good thing I speak German, eh? :wink: On my search for alternative app stores I came across Aptoide, which consists out of multiple stores you can add to your list. But only the default store called “apps” is preinstalled and those apps are handpicked ones by the guys behind Aptoide which aren’t featuring pirated apps. Of course you can get some pirated apps as well, but you won’t be able to download them directly if you haven’t added a store that features paid apps. And if you grant Aptoide root access, it’s able to install apps by itself, just like GPlay.

Hi there,

i don’t use any appstores at all. I only install apps from apks. My sources are (if possible) the projects page, like VLC, F-Droid (of course) and different shops like the “Humble Store”.

This may not be the most convenient way, but it works well for me.

Greetings Eike

Why don’t you use the F-Droid client to update your apps?

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