Synchronize tasks using open source apps

I just installed the app TASKS (or AUFGABEN in German) from F-Droid:
It is a good and extensive task manager, and “Tasks can be synchronised with a CalDAV server using DAVdroid.”
But I don’t know how.
I use DAVdroid already to synchronize my emails and calender, but I don’t see where I can add TASKS for synch as well. And I don’t know where I would find it on my PC.
Any suggestions?
thank you!

You should read this:

Apparently the only solution is to reinstall DavDroid

Thanks! Not so nice, but at least a solution :wink:
So I deinstall the DavDroid App and then reinstall it, right?
Do I lose all my mails and calendar dates that way, or will they still be there because they are on my

Isn’t it actually the point of syncing that data is still avaiable if you mess up your phone? So I don’t think there will be a problem :wink:

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I did that now and calendar and adress book are ok and both on PC and FP.
But I can’t find the tasks except on FP. So where is DAVdroid syncing them to? (on the FP it shows in TASKS the connection from FP tasks to the posteo account, but in posteo there is no possibility for entering tasks).

Are you sure Posteo offers tasks syncing? On their website it says calendar and address book, but there’s no word about tasks…

On the contrary, I am sure posteo does NOT offer tasks syncing.
That is why I asked this morning how to sync tasks from that app I use anywhere, to PC or online.
Unfortunately in the davdroid faq I don’t find any information on how to set this up.

You need a server that supports tasks then.

I wrote to Posteo about this and got a quick answer (I’ll just post the German original E-Mail):

gerne versuchen wir, Ihnen zu helfen.

Die Erinnerungen/Aufgaben werden zwar als Teil der Kalenderdatei
gespeichert, aber in einem separaten Format, das von unserem Kalender
nicht unterstützt wird. Das heißt, Sie können Erinnerungen zwar über
Posteo zB zwischen iPhone und Mac snychronisieren, aber nicht im
Webkalender einsehen.

Wir hoffen, dass wir Ihnen damit bereits ein wenig weiterhelfen konnten.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen und ein schönes Wochenende

It says it actually is possible to sync tasks through Posteo (at least if it’s synced with the calendar).

UPDATE: I started using Posteo today because of this topic :smiley: I’ll let you know once I find a solution.

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I guess this means that you can at least view the tasks on the computer using e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird (just that it doesn’t work on Posteo’s web calendar).

Syncing tasks with ownCloud using DAVdroid works reliably for me. If you don’t want to set up your own ownCloud, there are many ownCloud providers out there. I personally use Wölkli, they’re in Switzerland and offer 500 MB free storage space in addition to the calendars/contacts/tasks.

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Posteo calendar and tasks syncing works perfectly fine, no problems so far. The web interface is nice to edit and view the calendar online and tasks can be synced on clients as well. :slight_smile:

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Ruth, I have a Posteo account, too. Like @huskers said, Posteo does sync tasks, namely via your CalDAV address. I personally view them via Thunderbird and its add-on Lightning.

good for you two! :neutral_face:

I use the app Aufgaben / tasks
and sync FP with posteo
and I sync posteo mail with thunderbird, but I don’t see my tasks there. And the task I wrote in thunderbird I don’t see in the FP app.
the thunderbird app lightning is activated.

What is the task app you have on FP and am I missing any important steps?
thanks for help!

I also use the same Tasks app. Works for me. Here’s another excerpt from my communication with Posteo that helped me setting everything up:

Sie müssen nur die Synchronisation von Thunderibrd einrichten. Wie das
funktioniert, erklären wir in unserer Hilfe:

Wenn Sie darüber hinaus Posteo mit CalDAV Sync auf Ihrem Android-Gerät
eingerichtet haben, werden die Aufgaben automatisch mit Ihrem Kalender
mitsynchronisiert. Sie können die Aufgaben dann in der Tasks-App auswählen.

I use CalDAV Sync instead of DAVDroid. Haven’t tried DAVDroid though and I don’t think that is the problem. Do your calendars sync properly?
Another idea: In Thunderbird, have you selected the correct calendar when adding the Task? If you select the local calendar and add a task, it will only be saved on the computer and not be synced. So make sure to select (one of) the Posteo calendars :slight_smile:

Maybe it is, though? The posteo help you’re quoting explicitly mentions “CalDAV-Sync”. Plus, both “Tasks” and “CalDAV-Sync” have the same author.

As a side, this is my setup for syncing: Like you, I use “CalDAV-Sync” and “Tasks” on the phone, synced via the Posteo address to Thunderbird for my calendars and tasks. For my contacts, I use “CardDAV-Sync free” via the respective Posteo address, again connected with Thunderbird, where the additional add-on “Inverse SOGo Connector” is required.

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Ah, didn’t do anything like that yet, because I use the posteo-calendar. Does it mean I will have two calendars now, 1 posteo 1 thunderbird?
thanks also for the instruction (die auf deutsch) I will follow that now.

OK that will be the next thing I try. I ended up using DAVdroid, because that is what I found in the posteo info on how to sync calendar (and contacts) between posteo and FP.

seems like there is still quite a task ahead of me… :grimacing:

If you follow the instructions from Posteo on how to set up the calendar in Thunderbird, the calendar will be synced from Lightning to Posteo and back. Just make sure you always use the synced calendar in Thunderbird if you want your appointment to be synced. This way you can have the same calendar on all of your devices. :slight_smile:

I’ve read somewhere that because of permission legacy in Android, you need to install Tasks before DAVdroid. So if you have done it the other way round, you need to uninstall DAVdroid and install it again to let Android know that Tasks has tasks for DAVdroid. :wink:

? still don’t get it.
I don’t really want the calendar to be in thunderbird, I am happy with using it in posteo and on FP, don’t need a 3rd calendar location. But I seem to need thunderbird / lightning to sync the tasks, so is that only possible with calendar in thunderbird as well?.

Yes I read that too, so when I started with tasks I deinstalled DAVdroid and then installed it again.