Alternatives to Google's YouTube app

YouTube forces using Google App Store - Is there a workaround?

I am unable to use YouTube on my de-googled Fairphone, as anytime I try to start a video, YouTube says something like “Google Play Services are necessary. Install Google Play Services.” They mean the Google Play Store, which I have removed from my Fairphone.
Any ideas what I can do?

Thank you a lot in advance!


Ah, maybe that’s the reason why only recently a new app appeared on F-Droid, allowing YT playback: NewPipe (Lightweight YouTube frontend).

I think it’s great. It also lets you download either video or audio.


Just use Youtube’s mobile web site.

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Unfortunately, this results in the same situation. :worried:

Ich will try. Thank you!


If trying to open youtube in your browser automatically opens your non-functional youtube app, uninstall youtube.

With my old Galaxy Nexus I used to open video files with tube mate. It’s still avaiable?

Thanks to all who have tried to help me, especially to @Stefan and @haffenloher.

NewPipe works fine. At first I had some trouble, but after a while it worked fine and still does. Excuse me for not being able to remember what I had exactly done.

The second solution works fine, too. And here again I feel a bit ashamed, as the solution is so simple: uninstalling the YouTube app makes it possible to watch videos on the YouTube website in your browser.


There’s an app called OGYoutube I recommend. You can get the apks direct from the site. By default it can’t sign in but is perfectly suited for just playback. There are three additional apks to install if you want something akin to play services so the app can access your account.

Since I have to avoid play services due to old hardware, I just put everything I queue or from Watch Later into a separate, public playlist. Then I search for that instead in OGYoutube and watch from there, basically “read only”