Almost every day a new LOS update since the 12.11.18

Until the 12.11.18 The built-in Lineage OS updater usually offered me one new update per week. Since then I am getting notifications about new updates every day. Are there any changes or problems with the LO build system ? I am asking because I feel reluctant to install any of these updates until I know that they are usable.

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Edit: If you want to know what’s in the latest update and whether it is significant for you, here’s the changelog …


I love nightly builds, but as yet there haven’t been that many significant changes to warrant actually updating every day

Agree, I am still waiting for WiFi calling to finally work…

Seems that Lineage for microg stopped rolling out their weekly builds since then.
Could be that the official lineages ervers changed something, due to the daily builds that forking is more difficult?


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That’s the commit that changed it:

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Also, I’d like to have VoLTE. But I guess this needs some Blob-update …

What might be the reason for that change?

The link above ( states

This means that, if a new feature gets rolled out to the stable LineageOS branch, all devices will be able to get that feature on day one. Same with security updates, upstreams, and so on.

And, maybe a bit reading between the lines of other sections of that article: CyanogenMod had nightly builds but Lineage didn’t have the infrastructure to do it right from the start (but wanted to do it).


Do I understand correctly that 6 out of the last 10 builds according to did not contain any changes?

Then it really seems a waste of resources to rebuild and have people download a new image. Is there a way to only get an update notification if there there are actual changes? Or does someone why LineageOS does not limit the nightly rebuilds to those devices which actually have changes?


I don’t know, but as a matter of fact “do this every day” will always be more simple to set up than “do this every day, but not if …” :wink: .


I see this as a public health service provided by LOS.
One right swipe almost every day keeps the myatrophy away.

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This are FP2 specific changes, if I understand this correctly.
LOS may have way more changes, but for this yo u’d have to check the “global” changelog

But if you check, all the changes not already shown at seem to be specific to other devices.

Is there some other “global” changelog?

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I didn’t bother to check, but this looks like you’re right …

For those who care about it:
Security updates in LOS
Changes included in
Bump Security String to 2019-01-05


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