All wifi networks not working, updater not working

Hi FP world

my first issue! using FP sinds 2016 …FP2 & FP3

FP3- Android 10, security update 05 Oct 2020

since 15-nov, after switching on

  1. no wifi connection (wifi checked- is ok)
  2. Fairphone updater app cannot be started “device is not supported”

1a) already saved wifi network password appeared to be empty , after entering password and connect = “save network failed” and then “cannot connect to network”
1b) long press on a networkname shows only 2 options; network (with bold letters) and connect; so there is no option “forget network”

update= No any WiFi connection is possible :frowning:
mobile off and on = no change
network settings (wifi, mobile and bluetooth) have been reset = no change

Hi there, and welcome to the community forum!

I think you might want to try a #dic:factorydatareset at some point (don’t forget to #dic:backup before). The fact that the updater doesn’t identify your phone correctly probably means it’s not a “simple” wifi problem like other may have on the forum that could be solved with one of the workarounds you mention. Edit: Probably not that actually, see post#4.
There were also reports of users on the forum that a factory reset was needed after some updates for the phone to work properly (in very rare cases of course, I’m not saying it’s normal).

When you in Settings→About the phone, is there any anomaly? Do you see all infos you should see, about the phone, the battery, etc?

Alex thanks

Settings→About the phone = looking oke
about factory reset. its a quite an issue to perform backup without wifi !

Are u sure there are no other possibility’s to perform as first ?
This issue happens just spontaneously, between switching off end switching on !
many thanks, Marin

If you by chance installed or restored the Fairphone 2 Updater App …

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No, I didn’t use FP2 software.
The last update was on 05 Nov… after that my FP3 was just fine until 15 Nov…

#dic: backup … the link is broken:(

Works for me…

Well, I can use wifi again, after reset to factory settings …
Unfortunately I could not find the reason why this happened to me;
the world is not as fair as FP

ps moderator please close this one#