Update app stopped working

When I try to run the “Updater” app on my FP3 it says:

“Apparaat wordt niet ondersteund” which translates to “Device not supported”. This seems to have started happening after the last update.

Any clue how to fix this? I always like to run with the latest updates.


You can get updates when they are available by checking Settings - System - Advanced - System update.

I have no “Updater” App on my Fairphone 3. Can you post a screenshot?

Or did you by chance install the Fairphone 2 Updater App? Then the message would indeed be correct.


Via settings it does seem to work, thanks!

I attached the screenshot. Is this the FP2 updater? I upgraded some time ago, copying from my FP2. Maybe this Updater app never worked but I noticed only today.

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Looks like the Fairphone 2 Updater.
Just believe the message it gives, it will not work. OS updates work differently on the Fairphone 3 than what this App would try to do.


I can confirm that there is no such app on my FP3. You can probably safely delete it.

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I do have the app also, and even think I’ve used It before android 10 but can’t remember It very well since the phone tells me on it’s own when There is an update.

I believe this app gets automatically downloaded from the store when you come from having a FP2 (where It does work) And get a brand new FP3.

For me the message is the same and seems not to be working, Will let It There though just in case…

Good day!!