All of a sudden the fairphone3 stops charging

Hi my phone is similar problem to this. I plug into USB port to charge and it usually starts but the the light will fade and charging stop. If I manipulate the lead it will sometimes come back so it seems like a faulty connection the USB port. Rather than anything with the lead. Will I need to replace the USB port? I see this part is available for FP4. Can I get this for FP3? Thanks.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Yes you can buy a new ‘bottom module’, if they are in stock. Do you have the FP3 or FP3+ as the later are still under warranty, unless you’ve mal-treated it, a repair would be available for ‘free’ and not subject to stock availability as may be the case for user purchases.

However you say nothing about what you have done to try and fix it.

  • clean the port
  • try other cables.
  • open > dismantle and reassembly etc.

But given the bottom module is only €20 then buying one may be a safe option too.

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Hi thanks .

I’ve tried to clean the port there doesn’t seem to be anything in it. I’ve no other leads to try but it doesn’t seem to be the lead given the symptoms. I will try dismantling things and maybe a fairphine angel?

I’m on an FP3 and I’m not 100 percent sure about the warranty but I’m guessing it’s out of date.

I will look at this and the ultimate possibility of buying the bottom unit.

Thanks N

Two years so if you bought it after today 2020 you are just OK if you contact Fairphone before midnight. :slight_smile:

See if you can find a friend who can charge their phone and try their equipment.

Wiggling the cable can damage it and the port.

Hi Mark,
Did it keep on working after you switched the battery once?

From the text there was no indication that it didn’t nor any follow up

So do you have a similar problem and have tried that without success?

Thanks you Amoun. Yes I have a similar problem and tried the suggestion. That why I am considering buying a bottom module.

Is you phone older than 2 years?

So you can not get the phone working and can’t charge the battery?

I mean was the phone working and you noticed it wasn’t charging or the battery died and you noticed you couldn’t charge?

Yes I think it is older then two years, Don’t know for sure because I bought it second hand.
It is my girlfriends. She told me there is a difference if you put the charger directly in the outlet or in a socket connected to the outlet. Directly in the outlet it did charge okay last night. She will try to figure out when it charges and when it does not. I’ll let you know our findings. Thank you for your support and have a good day!

Not sure of what you mean, but it sounds like a connection issue so.

  • is the charger a fixed mains to USB C with a non removable cable? Is so they are not that relaible due to the cable etc.
  • do you have a charger with a removabe cable, like a USB A that plugs into the charger with the other USB C for the phone. In this case you can try different chargers, even charge from a PC USB A at a slow rate.

If it is just the plug in a multi extension attachment then it does add to the options for failure.

I’ve got the same problem. When I start charging the LED on the top left corner is on, but the phone doesn’t charge. At first it only worked from time to time. Two days ago it only charged when off, today not. I have to take out the battery and put it in a battery charger at night. Can´t it be a software issue? Or do I have to buy a new bottom module? How can I be sure that the problem is solved with a new bottom module? My FP3 is 2,5 years old.

You can’t and hence your query is very prudent.

The obvious things are to try different chargers and cables

If that doesn’t produce a resolution the next thing would be to test the battery voltage, as if it is very low maybe even down to 3.5V then charging can take hours just to get over a low current input threshold.

Then there is the possibilty of find a #fairphoneangel that
a) maybe able to test with their battery and/or thier charging attachments
b) they may even be able to test your phone with an alternate bottom module

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Thanks #amoun! I’ve tried “everything”…It doesn’t matter if the battery is 5% or 45% (as now). I will try a new module, no FPangels in Sweden as far as I know.

a) you could dismantle and clean the contacts, this also gives you the oportunity to check the ‘water sensors’ in case damp has got in.
b) the main controls for charging are on the core module so if the phone fails to charge sometimes it could be a poor connection

Have you tested the battery via the dial pad
*#*#66#*#* > Service tests > Test Single > Battery status check

From there you can assess

  • the state of the battery
  • the voltage when plugged in and charging or not

As it detects if the phone is plugged in that info can help assess if it may be a connection problem.

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Thanks again! Didn’t know about the service tests. Great! I tried it and it looked good, all green. I connected the charger and the Plug type and Status changed to Charging. But the battey isn’t charging. The battery symbol on the right top isn’t charging and the battery dropped from 45% to 43 % in a minute or two. Something is wrong. I will buy a new module and hope it solves the problem.


Don’t forget you can try

  • the dismantle and clean
  • start in ‘Safe mode’
  • factory reset

Buying a new bottom module is not such a pain as it’s not expensive and at worse you’ve got a spare > the USB C ports are a bit suscepatble to wear.

All the best

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Hello, my mobile does not charge anymore. I do not know why. The charger I use is the same that I use with my laptop where it works perfectly well.
I have cleaned the USB port and still not charging.
Any ideas please?

Hi and welcome, as its a reapting topic I moved it to one of the already existing, others can be found by searching.

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AH! Welcome to the forum.

As I was editing my reply you post has been moved to one of the links I provided :slight_smile:

There are so many possibilities and it may help if you explain not just what you have done but what you have done in regard to suggestions in the above posts.

Very often the cable or the USB port require more attention. Failing that see if you can find a #fairphoneangel near you that can maybe provide a replacement bottom module or you can buy one to see if that helps.

But read all the above and similar requests.

More example requests



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